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The small things make a difference


The small things make a difference

The Sunshine Coast’s Wishlist Centre proved a godsend for a Fraser Coast mum before and after delivery of her triplets.

For Fraser Coast mum Kelly Fitzpatrick, little bundles Freddie, June and Clyde are the miracle babies that have “set the universe right again”.

The mum-of-four, partner Andrew Maher and proud big brother George, 5, are now home in Tinana after the triplets’ birth and a three-month stay at Wishlist Centre.

For Ms Fitzpatrick and the new family of six, navigating the intricacies of ‘twin’ breastfeeding and managing 200 nappies and 800 wipes weekly has become a newfound reality.

But it hasn’t been an easy road for the couple.

After enduring the emotional toll of three heartbreaking miscarriages, they made the difficult decision to halt their IVF journey for the sake of their mental health.

“We struggled with fertility and tried and failed IVF, and had three losses along the way,” Ms Fitzpatrick says.

“We had the conversation of stopping trying (IVF), it was a decision we made against what we truly wanted.

“It was for our mental health and not what our hearts wanted.”

After ovulation intervention, the couple’s luck changed with a “very dark positive” pregnancy test.

“I felt so incredibly pregnant very quickly,” the 38-year-old says. “I’m not a spiritual person but I had a dream on the Thursday night before our scan, and I dreamt that there were three babies.”

The following day, the dream became a reality in the sonographer’s room, when the specialist told the couple they would be having twins, before discovering a third heartbeat.

Deemed a ‘complicated pregnancy’ at 24 weeks and being over two hours from the Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH), Ms Fitzpatrick packed her bags and headed for Wishlist Centre.

She stayed there until the three babies were born at 34 weeks on November 2.

“I think the reason I got so far along was because I was able to stay at Wishlist Centre,” she says.

“We were looked after so well and it felt like home.

“The night manager Gwen would leave a basket of my washing at my door, all folded, because I’d forgotten to grab it from the laundry.

“It was just the little things that made a big difference.”

First-born triplet Freddie, weighing 2100g at birth, second-born June, weighing 1800g, and third-born Clyde, weighing 2200g, are the fourth set of triplets born at SCUH since its opening in 2017.

Sunshine Coast Health nurse unit manager Alison Holman says triplet births are extremely rare – at a rate of just one-in-1000 births, or 0.1 per cent.

“It’s a privilege to be involved in a delivery like this,” Ms Holman says.

“It is a process to organise and ensure all members of the team are available for a delivery of this nature.

“We wish the family all the very best.”

Did you know?

Wishlist Centre opened in November 2022, opposite SCUH, and has kept more than 750 families together during difficult health journeys – from complicated pregnancies to lengthy cancer treatments.


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