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Transporting growth


Transporting growth

A business conference will focus on transport as a key to the economic future of our region, presenting three major projects as case studies.

The Sunshine Coast Business Council’s upcoming conference is set to provide an insightful platform to examine how transportation systems will affect the region’s urban and economic development.

The Importance of Transport to Regional Urban & Economic Growth Conference will be held on Thursday, August 17, at the University of Sunshine Coast Innovation Centre.

Sunshine Coast Business Council chair Sandy Zubrinich urges businesses and industry leaders to attend, to build on the momentum to ensure transport is a key solution in securing a sustainable economic future for the region.

“The SCBC Conference is again focusing on transportation, and this time we have brought Queensland’s leading academic transport expert Professor Matthew Burke, who will explore the importance of transportation for the growth of cities and their economic development,” Ms Zubrinich says. “The Sunshine Coast is one of the fastest-growing regions in the state, and modern mass transit is a critical part of our growth strategy to ensure we can move people around our region. Right now, only a small three per cent of people on the Coast use public transport, so it’s clear we need better options.

“Delivery of heavy rail between Brisbane and the Maroochydore City Centre continues to be a priority. It’s not just about reducing congestion on the Bruce Highway, but also about making it easier for people, including tourists from Brisbane, to visit, activating the Maroochydore City Centre to help create a vibrant CBD for our region.”

Ms Zubrinich says three major local projects will be explored: the Maroochydore City Centre, the largest master-planned greenfield city centre development in Australia, presented by Peter Saba, from Walker Corporation, and Amanda Yeates, from SunCentral; Aura, the country’s largest master-planned community, presented by David Laner, from Stockland; and Sunshine Coast Airport, Australia’s first carbon-neutral airport, presented by Scott Norris, from Sunshine Coast Airport.

“We have asked those company executives presenting these case studies to outline the original strategy for the development, its current status and its reliance on good transport access to activate the development,” she says.

“We will use these projects to gain a better understanding of the link between successful urban development and
good transportation.”

Registrations close at 5pm tomorrow (August 11) or when all tickets are sold.


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