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Where art and the digital world meet

John Williamson, Kenny Lienhard and Jimmy McRae from Meta Collect


Where art and the digital world meet

The Sunshine Coast has made history, becoming the first region in Australia to open a permanent NFT gallery.

An Australian-first gallery has opened on the Sunshine Coast and is unleashing a whole new world of relatively unknown technology forming part of a billion-dollar global industry.

Meta Collect at Baringa is dedicated to Web3 non-fungible tokens, otherwise known as NFTs.

Web3 is a new iteration of the world wide web that supports technology including token-based economics. It also advocates emphasis on user privacy and ownership of data.

NFTs are a digital asset that links ownership of unique physical or digital items to a person and these items can include artwork, real estate, music or videos.

Often considered as modern-day collectibles, tokenising these real-world assets increases efficiency in trading, purchasing, and selling while lowering the risk of fraud.

Meta Collect CEO Kenny Lienhard says the 195-square-metre space has the capacity to exhibit collections as well as host crypto meetups, education seminars and networking events.

“The global NFT community is worth billions of dollars, and we are only at the cusp of NFT’s growth as it extends across business, sport, art and the wider community,” he says.

“As far as we know this is Australia’s first, permanent NFT gallery, which will also act as our headquarters for Meta Collect,” he says.

“The gallery and event space blends art and technology seamlessly and our goal is to make the Sunshine Coast a hub for both artists and tech enthusiasts.”

Mr Lienhard says the gallery is fitted with market-leading high-quality TokenFrame screens for authenticated NFT art activations and has the ability to exhibit collections from across the globe on demand.

Launching the community-driven crypto publication, Cryptowriter, in 2018, Meta Collect has since gone on to create this platform for upcoming NFT artists.

The Meta Collect gallery is on Matheson Street, Baringa and open to the public every Saturday from 10am to 4pm or by appointment.



META COLLECT is a Web3 development studio and the creators of Finney, The Crunks, and Mongs NFT brands. The team is also behind the UNDRGRND NFT art brand consisting of a publication and soon-to-launch gamified NFT marketplace. The upcoming $COLLECT ecosystem token will tie their brands together and gamify the UNDRGRND marketplace.

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