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Yandina group airs concerns

The proposed development in Yandina would redirect local traffic through the estate


Yandina group airs concerns

A Yandina community group has sent more than 30 letters to Sunshine Coast Council over plans to close a street used by more than 100 residents.

Yandina and District Community Association (YDCA) is opposing an application for a subdivision and the rezoning of land to build a 265-lot housing estate at Wappa Falls Road.

A Sunshine Coast Council spokesperson says the application proposes to close Creightons Road and direct traffic through the residential subdivision, if approved.

It is understood the closure will affect residents in Wappa Falls Road, Creightons Road, Mount Coombe Road, Glenrowan Close, Bracken Fern Road and Retreat Crescent.

“The developer wants to close Creightons Road at the junction with Wappa Falls Road, forcing all Mount Coombe, Glenrowan Close and Creightons Road traffic through the estate on a narrow road, past houses,” a statement from YDCA says.

“This through road, only eight metres wide, would include four roundabouts.

“Vehicles would exit at a roundabout at the intersection of Wappa Falls Road and Retreat Crescent.”

The application does not require public notification, but the council says it will consider community feedback. “This application is code assessable, therefore not subject to public notification, however council will take community concerns into consideration during the assessment,” the spokesperson says.

“As with all development applications, this application will be thoroughly assessed on its individual merits and no further comment can be made at this early stage of the assessment process.”

A major concern for residents is the impact it will have on a fire evacuation route. Many also frequently use heavy machinery, trucks or horse floats, due to living on acreage and small hobby farms, and require access for septic and dam cleaning. “Heavy vehicles using a narrow residential street with four roundabouts through an estate would be inefficient and unsafe for residents and children,” the YDCA says.

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