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70,000 patients and counting


70,000 patients and counting

Sami Muirhead says the University Hospital has done a stellar job in its first year of operation but wishes its toy stash wasn’t so enticing.

Some things in life remain a mystery.  For example, where are all the missing hair bands actually hiding in this world? Why do my fly zappers from the hardware shop fail to catch a single fly but the moment I pour a glass of shiraz, a big black fly lands in my goblet? Why does lipstick never stay on your lips but will stick to a wine glass like glue? And why do kids think everyone else has better toys than they do?

We had another quick trip to the new local hospital this week (just a sprained ankle for my three-year-old) and my kids went bananas over the waiting room and its spoils. When I say bananas – insert here massive tantrum when we had to leave the waiting room and the toys in the area.

I was ecstatic to be going home and not having to spend a long night in the hospital. Not so my offspring. Anyone watching the dramatic meltdowns that followed must have thought the poor little souls do not have anything to play with at home. The truth is, we have too much stuff because I am a pretty average mum most of the time and sometimes it is easier to buy a new toy than sit and spend quality time with my babies playing with things that cost nothing, such as nature, or to sit and use our imaginations to play.

I do try,  but often I get sucked into the material world of just buying stuff. But back to our new hospital. It is already over one year old – can you believe? We are so lucky to have the Sunshine Coast University Hospital on our doorstep and the statistics after a short 12-month operational stint are mindblowing.

Hospital CEO Naomi Dwyer says it has been an impressive first year when it comes to delivering health care to locals.

“In our first year more than 70,000 people received treatment as inpatients”, Ms Dwyer says. “That equates to almost a quarter of the Sunshine Coast population.

“We have performed 8995 surgeries, including 4467 elective surgeries. We have been privileged to welcome 2743 new babies into the world, including 63 multiple births,” she says.

All those patients need a whole lot of jelly and custard (and no doubt more nutritional food)and the hospital staff have served up 380,000 meals in just 12 months.

There are currently 450 beds at the hospital, with plans to increase that number to match our booming population to 738 beds by 2021.

So congratulations to our new hospital and all the team. Hopefully the toy stash does not get any better or I will never get my children to stay away.


Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.

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