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A bit of good gossip

Sami Muirhead talks babies, breakup songs and Bindi Irwin’s engagement as she reflects on another week of pop culture.


A bit of good gossip

Sami Muirhead talks babies, breakup songs and Bindi Irwin’s engagement as she reflects on another week of pop culture.

Best part of my week? Reading that Bindi Irwin is engaged! I love a wedding and how exciting for the next chapter of Bindi’s life to be starting. The conservationist has said her brother will walk her down the aisle because it is what Steve would have wanted.

As if that didn’t send me running for the tissues, then I read another long-time favourite Aussie also has good news. Natalie Imbruglia has announced she is pregnant. The stunning actor issued a statement saying a sperm donor is the reason behind her miracle pregnancy. I am really happy for her – she helped me through some rocky times 20 years ago with her songs.

Remember when the now 44-year-old Aussie singer played Beth Brennan on Neighbours? In real life Natalie later married Daniel Johns from Silverchair, but after five years they split up and ever since, Nat has been almost a recluse in London.

I personally like to think Natalie and Kylie Minogue are shopping at Portobello Road together and going back to their cute English manor, where they indulge in Vegemite toast and a cup of Milo.

Natalie’s song Torn was a bit of an anthem for my best friend and I in our early twenties. Remember Nat singing those lyrics with her cropped pixie haircut? It spoke to my soul. Then she gave us the best breakup song ever with Big Mistake.

The other amazing breakup song of the era was of course, You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette. Oh the memories I have of young men looking terrified as they stampeded off the dance floor as circles of young women flocked together in a circle to dance around their handbags and scream the angry lyrics as we clutched our West Coast Coolers. It was the best breakup therapy ever if you had been ditched.

Alright, let us continue with our gossip session because I am truly enjoying it. We have a new Bachelor called Matt Agnew, so prepare yourself for scantily clad women falling over themselves to bag the man of the moment. The three judges of MasterChef have been axed. I would love to know what went down there. J-Lo turned 50 and looks 20. Kylie is also 50 and looks 20. She has the number one album in the United Kingdom and Australia. Go girl!

Madonna is wearing some strange pirate eye patch all the time. Pink has an amazing new album out and Ed Sheeran has a rock song called Blow. Keanu is cool again and Alanis Morissette is expecting her third child at aged 44. She and Natalie will no longer be angry rockers but mellow mums. Now that is a mum’s club I would love to be in.


Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.

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