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A film worth staying up for

Sami Muirhead has finally managed to sit through a movie without falling asleep and she’s got Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga to thank.


A film worth staying up for

Sami Muirhead has finally managed to sit through a movie without falling asleep and she’s got Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga to thank.

Something momentous happened in my little life during the week: I went to a movie for adults and I stayed awake. I have not done that for about eight years. Anyone who is single, childless and smug will not understand.

But put me in a dark space after devouring a choc-top or two and it is a recipe to drift off and drool in public. I have stayed awake in plenty of kids’ movies because I spend most of the time taking kids to the loo or telling them to be quiet or explaining the plot or sitting with three kids on my lap.

You see, I have an unofficial movie club with some of the mums from school and I am pretty much the laughing stock of the group as I have become famous for snoring away merrily about half an hour into every movie we have ever seen together.

Recently, there was Mama Mia: Here We Go Again. I was in and out of a deep sleep and could not make any sense of the singing all-star blockbuster cast in their ’70s costumes and renditions of ABBA songs.

It was as if I was having frightful hallucinations that involved Cher and donkeys and cocktails on a Greek Island.

Then we saw that movie called A Simple Favour staring Blake Lively. I was catching z’s within the first 15 minutes. I could have just set fire to my ticket money.

It is a shame, as I do not get out too often and I would like to be friends with these mums – my kids going to school has given me the unexpected gift of lovely new relationships. Before school, I thought my friendship card was full. I was too busy for new friends. I had too many friends I already never see. How wrong I was.

I love catching up with these delightful women after drop-off or grabbing a quick coffee with them. They have my back in our bunker of trying to make it through the school days.

These women understand my frustrations and joys when it comes to raising kids. They text me when the monkeys have school swimming the next day to remind me to pack togs.

They pass me gold coins without saying a word when they can see the alarmed look on my face in the classroom when I realise I have forgotten another sausage sizzle fundraiser.  They ring me if I forget to pick up a kid.

And they like to have a wine. In fact before movie night, we like to have a big feed of Mexican and a margarita. Which could also explain my issues with nighttime narcolepsy.

The movie I stayed awake for was A Star Is Born. It is magnificent! It is so gritty and raw and captivating. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper take you to another universe with their passion and singing. And pashing. The pashing is so, so, good. And the soundtrack is out of this world.

It was a night of extreme emotions indeed between my school-night margarita plus staying awake plus falling in love with Gaga and Bradley. I slept like a baby in my bed that night.


Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.

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