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A meaty problem to digest


A meaty problem to digest

Sami Muirhead is a convert who reckons turning pastry eating on its head is no pie in the sky concept when it comes to sheer yumminess.

Bite, blow or take your top off. How do you eat your meat pie? I am a fan of peeling the top off my meat pie, pouring tomato (always) sauce on the meat, loosely plopping the lid back on and going from there. The lid is torn off with your fingers, not by using a knife to cut around the circumference. This is because we are Queenslanders. We are tough.

There is a new debate underway on the Coast that is making international headlines. The Kenilworth Coastal Bakery has sparked the kerfuffle with no less than eight options for ways locals eat their pies.

The OG is the original way, which means starting off with a one-bite wonder. Then there is The Dowser where you smother the square in so much tomato sauce that you cannot see any pastry. The topless method is the one I have already endorsed.

The fourth way to eat your pie is the Divide and Conquer where you cut the pie in two with a knife. The Multi-Tasker involves eating the pie in one hand and juggling your mobile phone in the other.

And the next way of eating your pie is the Bite and Blow method where you are blowing on your pie the entire time because it is so hot. The Your Majesty move involves using a knife and fork to eat your pie (and you are posher than Posh Spice herself). And finally, there is The Toddler: where you are a very messy eater, and you get in there and use your fingers to mix it all together. No thanks.

But which are you? In a very serious world at the moment, I am loving the detour into a fun and very Aussie debate and have been loving finding out how my friends tackle their pastry. One friend tips her pie upside down to eat it. “Perhaps your brains have landed in your feet,” I suggested to her smugly … until I tried it. It is actually genius. It is a cleaner way to eat it.

Do not get me started on how you eat your Kit Kat, Tim Tam or a scone, for that matter. Do you have your chips under your chicken parmigiana or by the side in a nice, messy heap? And do you like your gravy on your Sunday roast over your meat and vegetables or just on the side potatoes?

Try tipping your pie upside down this week and you just may surprise yourself with a new, lifelong habit.


Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.

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