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A slice of wisdom

Sami Muirhead has learned a lot of lessons over the past few months, but her latest epiphany is a tasty one.


A slice of wisdom

Sami Muirhead has learned a lot of lessons over the past few months, but her latest epiphany is a tasty one.

How good does it feel to go out for a drive and be able to see a few friends again? The doors are not open yet but I can feel the fresh air creeping through the shutters.

Corona keeps throwing its curve ball life lessons and I do not think I’m alone in being a little overwhelmed at the thought of returning to life BC (before corona) that is summed up in one overused and very simple word: busy. You know I never understood until COVID-19 that I control how busy I am.

I used to be that annoying person who, when asked how I am, would reply “great, busy, but great”. Well busy can buzz off! Busy is overrated and left me tired and not sleeping. Slow is just what I needed in life. What a powerful thought. When the kids are sick or have a birthday, it is better to show up than spend up. I know. How stupid that it took a worldwide pandemic to remind me of this little gem!

As school starts again and life is slowly getting back to normal, I cannot help but ask myself what exactly is normal. Except for the economic fallout, the last few months are surely ‘normal’ compared with the life we have all adopted in recent decades. Surely it is ‘normal’ to spend the weekends with your family and ‘normal’ to not go to the shops every single day. I think it is ‘normal’ to sit and relax at night and have time to spend together doing things that count such as reading and eating long lunches as a family. But here we go ready to face the brave new frontier of ‘normal’ and our family is still determining what we want our boundaries to be.

I say that but I will probs be the first one to go to every celebration/barbecue/clothing sale/work function and party myself into a coma. But I need most of all to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to how I spend my time and focus my energies. John the Baptist sure got it right with that saying.

And so I leave you with a another piece of wisdom, if a little less philosophical. Always keep an emergency pizza in the freezer. Genius! I recently interviewed the gorgeous Rose Adam who has just left the MasterChef kitchen on TV. This was the Adelaide cook’s best piece of wisdom. Make sure you have a sneaky pepperoni pizza to chow down in lockdown, or any other time for that matter.

It started me doing a little survey with my friends and it turns out they have all sorts of emergency food in their freezers all of the time. Kylie always keeps two tubs of chocolate rocky road ice-cream. Tamara has a bag of frozen dim sims for midnight munchie attacks. And Jo has a party meat pie, so she knows if a craving hits her, she is prepared.

Perhaps I need to stop looking for the big life lessons from corona and just know from here on I don’t need to stockpile toilet paper, but I do need an emergency pizza!


Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.

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