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A surprise from Barnsey

Sami Muirhead is reminded that the most unlikely people can make the most unlikely choices.


A surprise from Barnsey

Sami Muirhead’s shock at rocknroller’s floral interests.

Three things shocked me this week. It is five Fridays until Christmas. Let us just move on from this rather indigestible fact. Secondly, I found out about the most unlikely of habits from a famous singer. I interviewed Australian rock royalty, Jimmy Barnes, about his national tour next year and his new book. The tome is called Killing Time and is collection of over 40 yarns and anecdotes from Jimmy’s extraordinary life.

But my big take away from this most wild and gorgeous man is the fact COVID-19 prompted Barnsey to learn some new skills, including playing the bagpipes and – wait for it –  flower arranging. Okay, the Cold Chisel former bad boy is a Scotsman, so the bagpipe is not a huge surprise. But I was stunned to hear Jimmy is really good at arranging flowers in a beautiful way as a gift to give to his wife.

“I put Jane through hell in our earlier years, it is the least I can do”, the rocker laughed. “But yes, I really enjoyed spending time in the garden during COVID-19 and they tell me I am really bloody good at arranging flowers so they look lovely in a vase.”

And the third piece of news that surprised me this week is the fact McDreamy is back on Grey’s Anatomy. I did not even know the medical drama was still on air. Back when it started in 2005, I watched every week religiously to see what Dr Meredith Grey and her hot doctor friends who somehow made scrubs look sexy were dealing with that week in the Seattle Grace Hospital.

Well apparently, Dr Meredith Grey has been slogging it out ever since as the show is about to release its 17th season. And to commemorate this milestone, Dr Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) returns to help his love Meredith who is gravely ill with COVID-19. McDreamy to the rescue. 2020 may just be saved
after all!


Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.

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