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Are you a shopping addict?

Sami Muirhead talks about her shopping addiction and addiction to a KMart bargain


Are you a shopping addict?

Sami Muirhead likes the idea of supporting small local stores that carry quality goods, but can’t resist the pull of a big store bargain.

I’m an addict who needs to stop my dirty cycle of abuse.

I am trying to avoid my weakness: Kmart. I binge shop at the chain shop and then feel guilty for spending money on a whole lot of stuff I probably do not need.

OK, stuff I definitely do not need.

I want to support local more.

Bespoke and ethically-made products appeal to me. I want to live by the mantra of quality not quantity.

But, it can be hard to resist Kmart given the huge presence the giant has on social media.

Users are taking to Instagram and Facebook to share their styled rooms and design hacks using the store’s vast product range.

There is a buzz to be heard and bragging rights to be had with how you can bring a cool factor to your house and life for a song.

And us girls love talking up how we transformed our pads for a bargain as much as we love watching Sophie Monk crack her witty one-liners on The Bachelorette.

Kmart life hacks even make the mainstream news sites these days they are so popular.

Who doesn’t want to add a cactus to their ensuite in a macrame hanging basket or cover their kids bedroom in the latest fruit-shaped wall decals?

I want to live by the mantra of quality not quantity.

What about those little zip-up bags for keeping wet togs in that Kmart has just released?

You cannot buy them for money or love as they sell out before they are unpacked on the shelf. True story.

I have been in three times to try to change my life and be organised when it comes to kids’ wet clothing after swimming.

I am not alone in my Kmart bingeing. Wesfarmers own Kmart.

The global corporation has just released its half-yearly profit figures for Australia. Profit in six months has increased by 13.2 per cent to $1.82 billion.

Kmart was the star performer and boosted its earnings by 16.3 per cent to $371 million on revenue growth of 8.9 per cent.

That is a lot of $2 candles and cactus plants.

It makes it hard for the little independent guys to compete.

And all the more important to support them.

When I’ve spent my dollars with the hardworking, local little guys – usually on a dress or a homewares item that I have truly loved – it has stood the test of time.

So let’s start afresh as we head into term four of school and the summer of 2017 before Christmas hits us.

My name is Sami. I am a little bit addicted to shopping.

But, I will resist the allure of the $2 cactus.



Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.

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