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Awards are about team effort

The Sunshine Coast awards season has begun.


Awards are about team effort

Rebecca Grisman says nominating yourself or your business for an award is not egotistical – it’s a chance to pat yourself and your team on the back.

Tis the season for awards – there are several industry awards in progress now at regional, state and national levels, for arenas from housing construction to tourism and business leadership.

Over time, I’ve been involved in awards from several standpoints, as a nominee, finalist, winner or a judge and every time it’s a learning opportunity.

I love hearing from people who have experienced successes or challenges and taken the confronting step of putting their story forward for others to critique against their peers.

I have found it is easier for someone outside of your team to see and spruik your qualities and strengths, so it can help to have someone external nominate you, draft or proofread your entry for you.

I continually find the same argument from people offered the chance of the spotlight when they are nominated for an award – they do not want to be tall poppies or do not feel they have earned the attention.

Many business owners or directors dislike self-nominating for awards, fearing it will seem egotistical to share their story and their achievements.

For example, a favourite person of mine who has given countless hours of time to our local community for nearly 40 years has repeatedly turned down a nomination for Australian of the Year.

It’s a little bit heartbreaking for his family, who have also sacrificed much to support his passion for volunteering and would dearly love to see him accept the recognition.

That’s ultimately the point of entering any award – it acknowledges the customer or community love and team effort behind every success.

Why shouldn’t you be in the running? Why don’t you – and they – deserve to be thanked?

My company has been nominated for gongs several times and I think it’s the greatest compliment there is for the work we do.

We’ve shared in getting shiny things and framed certificates for great projects, community involvement, collaboration and management, including some pretty serious international marketing awards that even flew my team to Las Vegas to bring home silver and bronze for a young driver safety campaign in schools.

In my experience, there is always something to gain from entering an award – the team bonding alone that comes from reviewing all you have done and how much you make a difference is priceless.

I would recommend every business and community leader take the time to think about what you do that’s award worthy.

Don’t be shy to aim high. The things you and your team are doing well are worthy of recognition.

Your nomination, becoming a finalist, or winning your category are all equally worth celebrating and sharing.

Awards are ultimately a shared win for your team, your credibility and all of the ‘family’ who helped you get there.


Rebecca Grisman is a communications specialist who has lived on the Sunshine Coast for more than 20 years.

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