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Count to five and think about it!


Count to five and think about it!

What are friends for? To help you cope with change of course. Change can feel daunting, change can feel scary. That voice in your head can sometimes be very loud and convincing… no don’t do it! It wants to keep you safe. If there is real danger then that is great. But mostly there are no bears and that’s where friends come in, to encourage and support you to become a better you.

“Change is inevitable; it’s the one thing we can rely on, so you may as well embrace it,” Halinka says.

“It’s never too late to change. You can lose that five kilos and fit back into those jeans, you can make that seaside move, if you lose that job you can change career and maybe simplify your life to spend more time with your kids. You can go vegan and walk in the mornings to increase your health when you are told you have high blood pressure.”

“The key is committing to the decision,” says Michelle.

So why do we find that so hard when we so clearly benefit?

“I just decide and commit to do it, but sometimes as time goes on I fall back into bad habits… why is that?” Michelle asks. “Five, four, three, two, one, no cake, yes cake, yum yum.”

“Well, it is mostly due to lack of gratification and negative emotions around the habits. It makes us uneasy.  Change is hard – it’s one of the hardest things to go through in life. The secret of life is to grow, and to grow you need to change,” says Halinka.

“So, I should tell you ‘good girl’ and buy you cake when you lose five kilos?” says Michelle with a twinkle in her eye? Halinka says with a smile in her voice, “No that is what you would do!”

We did some research and found out about the five-second rule. The rule helps you to re-train your mind, and create a new thought pathway, when you fall back into old habitual behaviours, like when you want to sleep in. You plan to get up in the morning and you hesitate, so try counting down, five, four, three, two, one and jump out of bed. The technique teaches you to snap out of it in five seconds and force your mind to do what you need it to do.

“Halinka… do you want cake?”  teases Michelle. “Yes please,” Michelle responds to herself.

“So did the five-second rule work?” asks Halinka “No, I wanted that cake!” Michelle answers.

There are many ways to find happiness, sometimes cake might just be it. Challenge yourself to try something new, you might just surprise yourself.

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Halinka & Michelle are the team that produces the Little Grabs podcast, which deals with life, friendship and everything in between.

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