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Dining out on movie advice


Dining out on movie advice

Sami Muirhead may be changing her point of view on the best dinner-movie combo arrangement, after listening to her new audiobook.

I think I have been doing something wrong my whole life. You see, I love the big screen. I always have since my grandmother took me to see Zapped and bought me my first bucket of popcorn at the movies in 1982.

The only thing better than going to the movies is going to dinner and the movies. The perfect pair.

But do you prefer movie-dinner, or dinner-movie?

I am listening to Kitty Flanigan’s 488 Rules For Life audiobook.

Rule 280 states: “Movie then dinner and never dinner then movie. This is really just common sense.

“If you go to dinner first, you will be clock watching throughout your meal, potentially rushing your food to make it to the movie on time.

“More importantly, however, seeing the movie first gives you something to talk about over dinner.”

I am blown away. I have always been a dinner-then- movie girl.

I do it this way because I am always tired, so I want to go to bed after the movie. Secondly, I cannot bear the emotional turmoil that would come with watching a movie on an empty stomach because I hate the thought of being hungry.

Clearly, I have some issues to unpack here when it comes to needing a family-size, cheese-smothered nachos in my stomach to believe I am truly content in life.

You must admit, if you get gourmet guacamole on the perfect corn chips smothered in salsa and sour cream, it is a gateway drug to bliss.

But the thought of going to dinner after the movie is very enticing. I love this new concept. I think it is genius and I can see all the benefits.

This could open many of my dining options. I could have sunset schnitzels. I could eat my body weight in pasta and wash it all down with wine before heading home to bed.

Kitty has very firm views on many rules when it comes to going to the movies, including her tips to leave a courtesy buffer seat if you are sitting near a stranger and to never chat during the trailers.

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