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Don’t worry, be happy


Don’t worry, be happy

Ashley Robinson has fallen for a new outlook on life, and hopes he can navigate past any more bumps in the road to stick with his good mood.

I watched a short video the other day with the theme being “the journey is too short to worry about …”. A distinguished-looking chap was saying that our life is basically a blink of an eye – way too short to waste energy worrying about people who don’t like you, those you don’t like, and things that have gone wrong or you felt were unjust.

Every sentence finished with “the journey is too short”. It made a lot of sense to me and is the underlying reason I have been in a good mood for 60 days. That’s right: people are counting and are quite puzzled as to why I am so happy.

With that in mind, my resolve was thoroughly tested last weekend when I was walking George down the beach with his stick of choice. We came across a guy standing on the water’s edge fully clothed, headphones on, smoking something that must have been pretty good, and just staring at the water – oblivious to all.

George decided to drop his stick at the feet of the guy, who never even blinked. So, I picked it up but took my eyes off the dog, which jumped up to try and get his stick and knocked me over – right at the feet of the static human. I landed on the hard sand on my right knee and wrist, which actually hurt. But I gathered myself up and limped off, with zero reaction from the bloke. It must have been good stuff, whatever it was.

When I got home, I decided to get my motorbike out. Just as I was pushing it out the gate, the neighbour asked me a question. I thought I had put the bike’s side stand down. But no. The bike landed on top of me on the driveway. On my other leg and other arm. Awesome! Some business for Sunstate Motorcycles, but luckily, the neighbour lifted the 180 kilo thing off me.

Finally, I have been having cold showers in the backyard, as I read somewhere it helped your cognitive health and I can’t afford an ice bath. So there I am, with two sore knees and wrists, standing naked under a cold shower when a lizard ran under my foot and I got such a start that I kicked the veranda post and took all the skin off my big toe.

Day 60 was tested but, hey, the journey is too short. A bit bumpy, but too short to worry about it. Have a good day.


Ashley Robinson is the manager of Alex Surf Club and the chairman of the Sunshine Coast Falcons.

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