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Emoji etiquette

Sami Muirhead has fallen in love with emoji.


Emoji etiquette

Sami Muirhead has enthusiastically adopted the language of emojis – just don’t send her a love heart or you’ll get a cranky face in return.

So the penchant for swerving the correct use of the English language continues, as we love to shorten everything when it comes to talking and texting to each other in our wonderful country. #Totes! There is even a movie all about the addictive little emoji. And when you can use an emoji, why on earth would you write the word?

Nothing pleases me more than sending a text littered with emojis when all the kids are asleep as I sit and drink my wine and foolishly tell myself how witty and funny I truly am. Yes, I know how to party!

I was a reluctant latecomer to embrace using emojis and I still only use them with good friends or family. Nothing infuriates me more than receiving a ‘heart’ emoji from someone I do not know very well. Can you imagine going for a job interview and asking how you went in the process and receiving a frowny face?

Respect the emoji etiquette, people. And my long-suffering husband knows he is banned from sending me a ‘thumbs up’ emoji if he ever wants ‘special’ time again.  The thumbs up emoji is for mates but not for lovers in my crazy head.

So, those in my inner circle have been slammed with colourful little pictures as I sit delighted with myself sending out a spray of texts to my victims… um sorry, family. For example, “Mum! The kids and I had Mexican for tea!” can be transformed into a virtual fiesta with little pictures of a taco, a cactus, a Mexican flag, a chilli, a Latin dancer, and the list goes on. It is enough fun to make me cook Mexican every night just so I can overdose on emoji use.

In the last week Apple released 70 new emojis. Hoorah! I do not know how to access the new little icons but I am still excited because I know when I next see my 10-year-old nephew, he will sort my phone out for me. Yes, this does make me feel old and indeed useless, but I know how to use a fax machine and the 10-year-old does not. Admittedly, he will never need to know.

The new emojis include a T-rex dinosaur, a person vomiting green gunk, an orange love heart, a vampire, a hedgehog and an exploding head. I would have liked a mum sitting on a toilet with three little people trying to barge in, but apparently Apple is way too cool for this icon. I would also like a mum with a little thought bubble above her head dreaming of sleeping, drinking cocktails, and binge watching trash TV.

Earlier this year, Mark Zuckerberg posted the most popular emojis on Facebook are the smiling face with open eyes, and the crying face. Australia had the most carefree report of all the countries in the survey, being leading users of emoji for booze, drugs, junk food and holiday celebrations.

So I am fairly desperate to download those 70 new emojis. I may have to go and visit my nephew just so I can stay up late sending out a barrage of text messages. Look out, Mum!


Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.

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