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Flying ‘roo loses its bounce


Flying ‘roo loses its bounce

There’s no way Ashley Robinson is still up in the air about his opinions of Qantas, having experienced ‘cattle class’ on other airlines.

A recent world news poll of the best 10 airlines in the world saw Singapore Airlines getting the top gong – and that really doesn’t surprise me.

The few times I have flown with Singapore have always been a pleasure, even back in the cheap seats where I always seem to be on my beer budget.

I clearly remember hopping off an international Qantas flight on to Singapore, both cattle class. But I was made to feel far more special on Singapore, versus being treated as a second-rate citizen on our national airline. Not surprisingly, Qantas doesn’t get a mention in the top 10.

Being propped up by the taxpayer when things get tough, such as COVID, would be okay by me if they still called Australia home and we were still as proud of the flying kangaroo as we are of Peter Allen’s beautiful ballad. Alas, we aren’t.

What has happened to something that used to give me a lump in my throat and a tear in the eye every time I saw an ad for Qantas? Or when I was in a faraway country and saw the red-and-white livery roll in and later heard the skipper say: “Welcome to Flight X to Brisbane, Australia. This is your captain speaking” in a beautiful Aussie accent.

What has happened is CEO Alan Joyce, who has apparently earnt at least 80 million in the past 10 years, riding ‘the Flying Kangaroo’ into the red earth we live on. When I heard he was retiring, I was hopeful that things maybe would turn around. The free fall the airline was in might lift its nose slightly.

But to hear Vanessa Hudson, the incoming boss, say how much she has learnt from bow-tie man was a real worry.

If you think I am being too harsh, try making a complaint to Qantas or Jetstar (apparently a different company, they continually preach) and see how you go.

It’s like trying to make a claim on insurance, they make it that hard for you.

They just hope you will simply go away. I love the virtual assistant on Crap Star, sorry Jetstar. It just keeps asking you the same questions and then disappears so you have to start all over again with no record of what was just discussed.

If Mr Joyce came up with this strategy, he is a genius, albeit an evil one.


Ashley Robinson is the manager of Alex Surf Club and the chairman of the Sunshine Coast Falcons.

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