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Forward thinking

In the past few months, Rebecca Grisman has sorted her paperwork, got on top of her business and restructured her life.


Forward thinking

In the past few months, Rebecca Grisman has sorted her paperwork, got on top of her business and restructured her life.

Is anyone else thinking these past few months of worldwide change, focus on community health and personal responsibility, and enforced time at home, have been really educational?

It has been challenging for many and certainly not all positive for me, but it has enabled me to do some things I’ve always wanted but never made time to do. Like catch up on and really understand my tax return and superannuation! For the first time I am confident I know exactly my position, where every dollar goes, and that I won’t be retiring any time soon.

I also found and filed all the important documents of our lives, once I realised some were missing and some outdated when I needed them urgently. I have fully read all my insurances too, and that effort is underrated. I feel disaster-ready.

A little less intensely, I have enjoyed reading food and travel magazines from cover to cover, in one sitting. I stacked up the books I have not read, forgave myself and took those I never will to donate to the local library, then sorted my wardrobe.

Does everyone have a mental list of the things you’d do, with more time? What would it take to follow through?

In these months I decided each time I worried about the world I’d reach out to someone. It took effort to call a childhood friend and reconnect, and to contact an old boss to ask for work. Both conversations helped immensely. It was harder to call an advisor and navigate pages of financial information to restructure my commitments and business, which we both agreed was not viable post-pandemic. That led to calling a course provider, then a funding line, and enrolling to study for a new industry career. All steps I’d pondered previously and not taken. A big lesson during isolation was discovering how connecting to a person helped me solve a problem better than I could by myself.

My favourite epiphany was a conversation with a stranger that sparked online friendships with Italian and French winemakers in lockdown, Zoom tastings, and invitations to share my side hustle of wine writing as translated articles overseas, and to join them at a conference when the world can meet again. Mixing with famous family winemakers to plan future adventures was not the outcome I imagined in the first weeks of Covid-19 but has resulted from taking each day one small step at a time, remembering that I am not walking this path alone. Ironically, in March the world seemed very large and scary and now it feels a little closer.


Rebecca Grisman is a communications specialist who has lived on the Sunshine Coast for more than 20 years.

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