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On a recent shopping trip to buy clothes for her daughter, Sami Muirhead was reminded of how quickly our children grow up.


Growing pains

On a recent shopping trip to buy clothes for her daughter, Sami Muirhead was reminded of how quickly our children grow up.

Time stops for no man or woman. Or child. A decade after having kids I still stare at my brood every night when they go to sleep. Yes, I am needy! But don’t you think it is the biggest trip that we’re constantly reminded we cannot freeze time when it comes to our kids growing up?

I can’t tell you the number of parents of grown-up kids who have told me to enjoy every single minute while the kids are little.

I had a moment when I took my nearly 10-year-old daughter shopping for clothing in the holidays. Avalon likes anything that is lose or comfortable. We had a funeral to attend and I wanted something dressy for her, so we headed to the girls section of BIG W and its racks filled with unicorns and sparkly fairies. We looked at each other and realised she is too old for a sea of glitter and frills anymore.

So we went to the adult section, but it was all too old and too big for her. What to do? I told my husband and two sons we had a problem and they swiftly took to those wonderful waiting chairs in the halls of Sunshine Plaza. They seemed oblivious to the shopping quandary we were facing. But we were up for the challenge!

We should have got the boys some pillows as we ended up shopping for more than an hour and a half. We are training our sons young that waiting on those public couches while your family shops is indeed a life skill. However, my boys would rather slam their fingers in the car door than wait outside shops.

My daughter and I did find a shop that sells ‘tween’ outfits and we happily left with jeggings and a cool jumper and beanie. It is an outfit I would wear in my size.

One of my very favourite things about having a daughter is when we dress the same. I know this is really cringe-worthy, and when I said maybe I could get the matching beanie I was met with an eye roll from my daughter. An eye roll, people! When are us women taught to eye roll? Seriously? It is like some gift we are born with instinctively?

It felt good to be out as we have been home so much during Covid but my heart was a little sad as I sat looking at my beautiful angel, thinking my baby girl has grown up in the blink of an eye. Even with toys she is between two worlds. The curious part of her wants to sit with the adults at barbecues but the kid part of her wants to go and play. Avalon is asking for TikTok on my phone daily and does not think it’s funny when I ask if she wants a clock biscuit. My girl also wants privacy and is getting a great little sense of sarcasm.

They say daughters are your friends when they grow up, so I can only hope she will always want to share the moments that seem small but are big with me and one day she may reconsider the ban on twinning when it comes to matching beanies.


Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.

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