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Holy hot chips

Sami Muirhead praises the humble hot chip’s anti-stress benefits and marvels at actor Jennifer Aniston’s ability to stop at one.

What is the ultimate torture and possibly stupidity in life? Eating a single hot chip and feeling satisfied. Jennifer Aniston has lit up the internet after admitting in an interview she eats one single chip when she’s stressed. Yes, just one! This stresses me just thinking about it. The 52- year old’s answer was irritating but also impressive. “A chip,” said Jennifer. “Crunch, crunch, crunch. I am good at having just one. I know it’s so annoying.”

What kind of animal can stop at one chip? Hot chips are one of my vices in life.  I recently dined at a flash restaurant and they served a bowl of the hottest and crunchiest thin hot chips in a fancy white bowl with a huge piece of tender steak, and a salad with French dressing. It would be my last meal on death row.

I recently had hot chips served with crumbled feta cheese on them. To die for.  Have you had vinegar on your chips with freshly crumbed fish? And what can beat chicken salt? A guilty pleasure I have dabbled in for three decades is to drive through the KFC lane and get a carton of hot chips and just sit in my car with me, myself and I, and eat the steaming hot strips of holiness. Now that is a party of one that I am happy to be invited to. It’s the solitude of my car with golden and crisp chips on the outside that are fluffy on the inside.

Sometimes I could cry when I hear that first teasing crunch of the chip goodness. It’s a chip strip tease of my senses. If you are cooking at home, things are important on your journey to perfection when it comes to the potato chip – your choice of potato, your choice of oil, and your choice of salt. Personally, I love a Sebago potato cut into strips and deep-fried in my body weight of vegetable oil. The bible that is the Women’s Weekly cookbook states you must slice Desiree chips and throw them in ice-cold water before cooking them in peanut oil – twice!

My grandma used to serve homemade round slices of hot chips snuggled next to a steak. It was the best of dinners. So be thankful we do not have to live up to Jennifer’s Anniston’s perfect image and go eat some hot chips today.  Smother them in gravy, vinegar, tomato sauce, chicken salt or whatever is your poison and enjoy every single delicious sinful bite. Let me tell you, when I am stressed I do not eat a single chip. I eat my body weight in them.


Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.

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