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If memory serves…


If memory serves…

Thanks to some unsettling childhood dining experiences, there are some foods Ashley Robinson just can’t stomach, and tapioca is one of them.

Food for thought (or more to the point, food I wish I could forget or never will). I previously wrote about chokos disguised as pears and had a reader drop in some for me, which I quickly gave away before I was mentally scarred once again.

As a kid orange fish with creamy onion sauce was gagging material, which I have possibly mentioned before but I just can’t erase it from my brain.

Creamy rice dessert, or was it tapioca pudding – whatever it was I used to think of every excuse under the sun not to eat it, but alas I had to sit there and digest it before I could go and watch The Flintstones on prime-time TV.

Only today do I realise my mum had good intentions feeding me disgusting tapioca. It is allergy free, so all the cool kids will be eating it these days according to Google. It’s easy to digest, and helps with bowel issues, which makes me wonder did I eat enough? It’s a source of calcium, so no chalky bones (apart from my nose, that is).

It’s also low sodium, which will lower blood pressure. I should have eaten it three times a day. It is high in iron and vitamin C, which is handy through COVID.

As I read down Doctor Google I did find one alarming quality that now makes a whole lot of sense. It supports weight gain! It said eating a couple of bowls of this stuff improves a person’s likelihood of gaining weight. Edna what were you thinking? I already looked like Eddie Munster when I was a kid, so just to finish me off in the looks department, let’s load me up on tapioca pudding to give me zero chance of not wearing my dad’s hat and shorts at age 10. I had no chance.

So now I know why my two favourite shows were The Munsters and The Flintstones because as a kid I looked like Eddie and I grew up to look like Fred.


Ashley Robinson is the manager of Alex Surf Club and the chairman of the Sunshine Coast Falcons.

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