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In persuit of supermum


In persuit of supermum

Sami Muirhead laments that trying to be everything, everywhere, all at once will nearly always end in tears – or tripping over.

As I fell down the bus steps in front of 90 Year three students, I swore I would never try to be Super Mum ever again.

Let me rewind to earlier that week when my eight-year-old boy begged me to attend his school excursion to Sealife at Mooloolaba.

I had a million things to do and a hair dressing appointment and of course work to get to and explained to my third-born child that Mumma could just not swing it today. His little brown eyes looked so disappointed, and his forlorn expression stayed with me as I drove away from school drop off. The guilt got the better of me and I hatched a plan to fast track all my jobs that morning so I could swing past the school excursion and still make it to work on time.

Of course, the world conspired against me and after one flat tyre, a quick dog walk and lots of rushing, I was driving like a mad woman into the Mooloolaba carpark feeling like I could pull off this great surprise. I ran into Sealife afraid I had missed the entire thing. Indeed, the kids were filing onto their bus to return to school when Mrs East spotted me and asked what I was doing. By this time, I was sweating and hoping my surprise would be worth the effort. “I know I am late, but could I just see Augie before you go, so he knows I really tried to make it here for him?” I asked. The divine teacher looked at me and said, “Sami, parents weren’t invited today.” My little rat son had lied to me and told me all the other parents were going and not even one was there. I shouted down the bus aisle to my boy at the other end of the vehicle and said, “Well, remember this at your 21st because I moved heaven and earth to be here for you today” and as I laughed at my epic fail I backed out of the bus. I tumbled down the stairs and landed on the footpath.

I stood there thinking what a parent failure it was in the end. The next day was the athletic’s carnival. I missed it but my mum friends who went were quick to remind me that parents were invited to that one.


Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.

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