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Jon Snow, the Dragon Queen and peace in Greece

Holidaying in Greece


Jon Snow, the Dragon Queen and peace in Greece

Sami Muirhead is off to Greece in search of rest, relaxation, retail therapy and perhaps a little journaling about Game of Thrones.

Where are you with how much stuff you allow yourself to buy when you go overseas? Because I am off to Greece.

I know. And I have purchased a whole second bag before I fly so I can fill it with dinner plates and bottles of olive oil and other totally inappropriate souvenirs.

I figure I will probably only go to Greece once, given how far the flight is and how expensive travel is, so I should spend with reckless abandon when it comes to future family heirlooms such as gravy boats with bright yellow lemons and turquoise flowers.

I plan to buy dozens of evil eyes and smuggle home gallons of ouzo.

How blessed am I to be going to the island of Lemnos? This small rural island is not to be confused with the island of Lesbos. One is lemons and one is lesbians.

I am heading off with two female friends on a ‘creative immersion retreat’. I do not really know what the hell that means, but I sure do think it sounds fabulous.

I mean, a creative immersion retreat to Mooloolaba would probably involve a swim in the ocean, a kilogram of the finest saltiest king prawns around and a sleep in the shade of a pandanus tree.

Creative immersion is the new black. Other than black being the new black.

Have you seen the black pasta, black bread rolls and black interiors on The Block that all the hipsters are embracing?

I will miss my kids dreadfully and I will no doubt pine for my husband, but sometimes you need to be away to really relax and really think about how you are tackling the everyday.

Our week of sun and swimming in the Aegean Sea involves journaling before breakfast.

I am not quite sure what I will be writing about, as my mind tends not to tackle the big issues these days, since having kids and working and just surviving each day.

I could probably write a paragraph or two on how hot Jon Snow looked lying in that pile of fur rugs as he stared into the eyes of the Dragon Queen.

If you are not a Game Of Thrones fan, then you will think I have gone completely insane. I could also bang out a few lines about The Bachelor.

But other than that, my opinions and pools of interest have become somewhat shallow and dried up.

I am hoping the blue Aegean waters will replenish my soul and senses. I’ve been racing on the rat wheel of work, kids, bad food and too much coffee.

I have wanted to take up yoga for 11 years. I am not even joking. So perhaps this vacation will jolt me into doing some things that I have put off for over a decade.

Sounds a dream doesn’t it?


Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.

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