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Keeping it simple


Keeping it simple

Easter has put Sami Muirhead in a pensive mood, and she reflecting on days gone by and pondering the days ahead.

Easter this year will be one we all remember thanks to a word no one had even heard of this time last year: coronavirus!

Before corona (BC), Easter was all about quaffing rosé, Easter egg hunts and church with the little kids shoulder to shoulder with other children on the floor at the front near the altar. Can you believe church will be a Facebook event this year?

Everything has changed so quickly and I am yearning for the day we will all go back to traditions and a familiar flow. Easter will be tweaked this year but perhaps it will be more special than ever because we will not take for granted plentiful food and abundant toilet paper! I am learning to see with new eyes. I take longer walking to the car to stop and look at the single magnolia flower on the teddy bear tree. I rub my moisturiser into my face and stop for a few minutes to do this instead of slapping it on and rushing out of the bathroom. My husband and I are drinking our coffee together. This has not happened for 10 years.

How did our world change so quickly?

This year for Easter we will be having a lunch with just our immediate family. I will miss my mum, who is self- isolating. There will be no excessive presents. I will not be dashing to the shops just for the sake of ensuring the kids have a large egg each. What we have is pretty simple and I am okay with that. There probably will not be the usual chilled champagne. And that is more than okay too. We may watch a movie or play some board games. It is actually a luxury to not have plans. I’ve learnt I have too many plans.

I feel humbled by recent events. And terrified about what is ahead. But I am also ready to enjoy the simple stuff a lot more. There is so much to fear from corona but there are a few gifts to take away as well.

Growing up, my birthdays were often celebrated at my Grandma’s house. She would cook a batch of cupcakes with lemon icing. We never thought to order
a fancy cake with a rose gold cake topper with our name on it. We did not film the birthday cake-cutting ceremony to put on Instagram.

The little cupcakes were made with love with ingredients bought weeks before the big day. My grandma would make them in her apron and her kitchen would smell of the sweet cinnamon and dried fruit she would put inside them. We blew out the candles after we sang Happy Birthday and we all sat on the porch and just hung out. We never had anywhere to go or anywhere to be. We were exactly where we were meant to be.

On a side note, my beautiful kids are worried the corona will kill the Easter Bunny. I have told them corona cannot kill him. Only myxomatosis can. Happy Easter everyone. Enjoy the time at home and enjoy having fewer expectations.


Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.

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