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Sami Muirhead’s midlife awakening


Sami Muirhead’s midlife awakening

The death of some close friends has given Sami Muirhead a wake-up call, reminding her that life is too short to deny ourselves the things we dream of.

My husband is having a midlife awakening. It sounds much nicer than a midlife crisis, don’t you think? And thankfully this middle-aged transformation does not include fast cars and younger, faster women. Well, not that I know about.

There is a definite shift in my conservative partner that is undeniable. And it is happening with a few of my friends as well. They are re-evaluating what is important in life and throwing caution to the wind when it comes to spending money, earning money, how they spend their free time and in general just shaking up their lifestyles.

I too am having a midlife awakening of sorts, but I don’t rush into anything, unless it’s a handbag sale. So I am slowly dipping my big toe into this new way of thinking that life is short and we do not have to always be sensible with big decisions and it’s OK to spend your valuable time exactly how you want to spend it.

It is a reminder to go overseas or take the new job because we are all mortal

You see we have had a lot of death around us of late. Two of our friends have passed away far too young in the past fortnight. It’s that horrid C word. Cancer. Both men were fine husbands and fathers. They leave behind children who are in lower primary school. They are really just babes who now will live the rest of their lives without their dads. One of those fine fathers, Andrew Finn, has had a really big impact on our lives. Finny lived a good and honest life and family was the most important thing to him. His dying wishes were to go to the park with his young daughter and to go to his local club where he often had a weekend lunch. Simple wishes that summed up a life lived with great kindness and grace. Life can deal such cruel blows.

Finny’s Law has now been introduced as a term in our house. It basically means ‘do it now’ because life is short. It is a reminder to go overseas or take the new job because we are all mortal. Jump and the net will appear. Finny has reminded me not to snap at the kids and to make sure I am spending good time with my family. The rest he has taught us is still a bit of a blur as we come to terms with the loss of a really great bloke, but I have a funny feeling we will go on receiving his lessons.

So perhaps we all need to embrace a midlife awakening. After all, the march of time keeps on stomping. Nicole Kidman turned 50 last week for crying out loud. I will submerge my big toe this week and by next week maybe just maybe I will be submerging my whole body and insist my husband buys the flash red sports car. The racy women however, need not apply.


Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.

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