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Lycra lady

Sami Muirhead is cycling for charity wearing Lycra and high heels to raise money for Montrose Respite and Therapy Services.

You are a Lyrca girl, or you are not.  I am not. I have only recently forced my lumps and bumps into some long Lyrca tights because I have forgotten to go to the gym for seven years. It is time to try to lose the extra kilos. It is possibly good timing as my radio partner (Todd) and I are cycling around a makeshift velodrome for six hours in high heels as part of a promotion called Heels on Wheels.

We are trying to raise money for Montrose Respite and Therapy Services. We are both proud ambassadors for Montrose. Back a few generations, Montrose helped kids left in hospital with polio. These days they have 200 families on the Coast alone who rely on Montrose for things such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. My son went to Montrose for a few years and I have seen first-hand they also help you through the NDIS funding web, they suggest certain equipment that may help your child,  and they are just good people who really care and really want to make a difference.

They are trying to raise enough money to deck out a new sensory room with equipment and toys to make it a little easier for the kids to do their therapy. It is those kids who are the real heroes here. Many of them have autism or cerebral palsy or have been born with rare conditions that make things as simple as walking or talking a massive struggle.

There is nothing sadder than a sick kid.  I met little Finn this week who has been going to Montrose for 12 months. He is three years old and has autism, is struggling to learn to walk and is non-verbal. He is also a cheeky little monkey who has the most beautiful brown eyes and a big smile to go with them. Finn’s mum said Montrose has helped them so much by guiding them through the overwhelming list of therapies to do and specialists to see. I know from first-hand experience when you have a therapy kid there are never enough hours in the day and you are often second-guessing if you are doing enough to help your precious child.

So, wish us luck. The heels will be a breeze as I have walked in heels for decades. The Lycra is a different story. But six hours of embarrassment is nothing compared to the guts shown by many of the Montrose kids every single day. If you would like to get behind our padded behinds, there is a link you can follow to find Heels on Wheels at


Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.

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