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Many happy returns Harry!


Many happy returns Harry!

To celebrate Harrison Ford’s 80th – yes 80th – birthday, Sami Muirhead offers a few reasons why he’s still got it.

Harrison Ford turned 80 this week. How can Han Solo be an octogenarian? Like every other sentient being with a pulse, I am, of course, in shock the sexiest man alive could be 80.

Here is a list of five reasons why Harrison Ford has repeatedly shown us why he is potentially the sexiest human alive.

  1. His name is real. How did his parents intuitively know to give their baby boy a movie star ready moniker? Harrison Ford could have backfired as a name if the owner of it wasn’t legitimately oozing coolness.
  2. Harrison Ford can build stuff. For real! The actor was a carpenter to help pay his bills when he was a struggling actor learning the ropes. But the takeaway from this is the legend can actually build stuff with his hands like a true-blue hero, the same as Jesus and Bob The Builder. Harrison the hot chippie met George Lucas at the director’s house while he was building shelves. George asked Harry to come along for auditions for his Star Wars movie and the rest is beautiful history.
  3. Harrison rocks a tweed print and a jaunty hat. In my opinion the most swoon-worthy outfit is Indy Jones with his whip and khaki vest. In a close second place is Han Solo in his black vest and some sort of space-age guns strapped to his thigh. But in real life Harrison loves a hat and a pair of tweed pants. How lucky is his wife, Calista Flockhart.
  4. He is a pilot in real life and executed a perfect emergency landing on a golf course less than a decade ago. Harrison also often uses his own chopper and flies it himself to look for lost hikers near his Wyoming ranch. He has also donated half of his ranch to conservation.
  5. He married Carrie Fisher, his Star Wars franchise co-star, and they had five kids and lived happily ever after in Hollywood. Okay. That totally never happened but they did have a fling while filming. And what about the coolest line ever being spoken between the Hollywood couple. Moments before Han Solo is frozen alive in carbonite, Princess Leia says he loves him. “I know,” he responds.

Happy birthday Harrison Ford!


Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.

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