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My son is such a card


My son is such a card

Sami Muirhead wishes she could freeze time and keep her impish nine-year-old just the way he is now for her amusement forever.

The best rogues in the entire world are nine years old, don’t you think? They are at that age when they are still little and cute but a bucket of charismatic fun, before they turn into teenagers where inhibitions and embarrassment take charge.

They are full of mischief and curiosity but still innocent and able to melt the coldest of hearts. Remember that house from Home Alone? It’s the 1920s mansion where nine-year-old Kevin McCallister set boobie traps to undo the criminals who broke in. Well, the striking Chicago dwelling recently hit the market for $5.25 million.

Our family watches Home Alone every year and no other movie comes close to how much it makes my kids roar with laughter, witnessing the antics of Kevin. I have a nine-year-old who is obsessed with setting traps around our home. I am hyper vigilant, looking for fake spiders on the ground and whoopee cushions on seats.

His piece de resistance is placing toy cars next to windows so I go for a little skate when I am trying to let fresh air in the house. The trouble is, the kid is impossible to be angry with because he has this grin that goes from ear to ear and even knows how to wink to make this mother melt.

The same son set off to a day-long sports carnival with my debit card. He copped a long lecture about not losing the card as it was a test of his responsibility to take it for the first time. Augie was lectured about putting the card straight back into his wallet after he bought his lunch. That night, he indeed had the card. But he had a totally different tale to tell.

The canteen did not accept cash so my kid had shouted all his mates their lunch. He had screamed to all that it was no problem to pay for their orders as he had a debit card. He tapped eight times for eight cans of soft drink. Then he tapped three more times for three large bundles of hot chips. After finishing with a round of Burger Rings packets, I wasn’t sure if I should be mortified or impressed.

My mind shot forward to him standing at the bar as an 18-year-old, plastic in hand with that big grin, ready to shout his mates again. This thought made me smile.

Unfortunately, this turned to a frown as I realised it will probably still be with my debit card.


Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.

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