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Not so finger lickin’ good


Not so finger lickin’ good

Things are going from bad to worse for Ashley Robinson, whose encounter with KFC didn’t go according to plan.

And the band played on. Well, not exactly a band, more like a tale of woe continued to grow. Recovering from COVID, tick. Next cab off the rank is a scan for some neck issues I have had for many years.

I had to go for a scan at Caloundra with the wonderful crew at X-ray & Imaging, which I had been putting off for a couple of weeks. A, because I had been recovering from COVID and B, I don’t really like getting scans or putting my head in anything smaller than a hula hoop.

Now I might mention that sticking my head in a scrum for about 20 years caused the problems, which actually means I am a slow learner, but these days I’m not keen to stick my head into anything. At this stage I should probably mention I am claustrophobic.

Now the nice lady told me how long it would take and what would happen, which is helpful as I usually try and count things or take my mind off what is happening by dreaming about something nice.

Did I mention that Kentucky Fried was two doors up and I could smell the Colonel from where I was lying? I haven’t had chook from there for years so I dreamt about a visit directly after the scan if I survived. So I was counting chicken pieces as the machine whizzed around my melon and I survived.

As promised to myself, I raced next door and was puzzled about what to order as things had changed since my last visit. A Zinger Bowl looked good so I ordered what I thought was a bowl but got a box. I must have mumbled. Four bits of spicy chicken, chips, gravy and a burger – awesome. I inhaled the pieces first and then took a massive bite of the burger. I had no idea what was in it. Something caught in my throat, I started gagging, thinking it’s a chicken bone and immediately thinking that I survived the scan only to be taken out by the Colonel with an errant chicken bone. Eventually I go with swallowing as I couldn’t hack it up, thinking about how that was going to hurt coming out the other end but then realised it was a corn chip. It’s the Zinger Bowl basically in a bun?

Finger lickin’ good may be the resurrected slogan but I want to know what genius decided to put corn chips in a burger. The Colonel would be appalled.


Ashley Robinson is the manager of Alex Surf Club and the chairman of the Sunshine Coast Falcons.

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