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One Christmas step too far


One Christmas step too far

Sami Muirhead wishes she was a better planner but she gives a cold shoulder to the thought of freezing festive delicacies months in advance.

I do not have my ducks in a row to the point I think one of them is a pigeon. But onwards we push, recovering from the joy of the silly season and turning our heads towards 2024.

One lady in the United Kingdom continues to make international headlines with her admission she prepped and froze most of her Christmas lunch months ahead of time for the family so that she didn’t have to cook on Christmas Day.

This mum has boldly stated she does the same for all milestones throughout the year and already has Easter meals placed smugly in her deep freeze. I still haven’t thrown out the paper crowns inside the Christmas bon bons because I am too busy eating Paddle Pops, mangoes and white bread/banana/sugar sandwiches (the true taste of summer)and rolling about at the beach.

Planning clearly is not my strength.

I asked my friends what they thought of this frozen formula to celebrate our big events. Most were in unison that it is a terrible idea.

Sian summed it up in one word, calling it “bonkers”. Tricia said: “Too much fun, satisfaction and reward prepping and cooking on the actual day. It is a family affair, not to mention all the bubbles while doing it.”

And who has room in their freezer to be stuffing hot cross buns and other delicacies this far out?

My favourite story of the year remains my sister with her penchant to stuff cane toads in her Kelvinator.

Yes, it is true. My beautiful sister is not Hannibal Lecter but a science teacher who relishes in conducting toad dissections with her students and, therefore, she needs a spare toad or two tucked in the freezer behind the ice cubes.

How is it possible that my sister is clearly my mother’s favourite child when she is shoving old, warty pests in the fridge? Life works in mysterious ways.

My own freezer is probably a snapshot of our shambolic lifestyle, as it has colour-changing toy cars that belong to my sons, a bottle of vodka that belongs very much to me, and frozen pies that are my saviour when it comes to cooking.

Happy New Year, people! May your freezer hold all the answers for happiness for the year ahead.


Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.

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