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One thing you cannot delegate


One thing you cannot delegate

Psychologist Brad Everton explains why you’re the only one who can practise self-care.

When it comes to mastering your own wellbeing, self care is the one thing you cannot delegate.

Broadly speaking, self care simply means looking after your health and wellbeing. That’s what it is at the surface level. At the level of enhancement, it’s about becoming the best version of yourself.

Practicing self care is important because it makes you feel good and there should be no guilt associated with that.

It’s also good for our loved ones because it improves our mood, our ability to cope and how we interact with them. It’s difficult to be there for others if we don’t look after ourselves. And we should role model this important life skill for our loved ones, especially our kids.

Author Dr Deepak Chopra once said, “You must value yourself enough to make self care a priority.” It doesn’t matter who you are, your stage in life or status, self care should be your priority.

Self care isn’t something we can simply understand at an intellectual or logical level. And it’s not enough to know we need to do it – we must actually practice it.

I teach my students how to set themselves up for life in the six most important health areas using my keep it simple smart (KISS) method.

Life doesn’t need to be complex – it’s us as human beings who make it so. And the same can be said for putting together a simple self care plan for yourself.

The core of putting together a self care plan is that it must be personal. What makes one person feel good may not give another the same result.

Start by looking for the things that make you feel good across your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. What makes you feel alive and empowered? Add them in to your everyday life.

Having a proven framework and guidelines to follow can make this process easier. But I encourage you to start thinking about it and giving it a go.

Keep it simple. Your self care plan needs to be easy enough for you to stick with. And remember – practicing self care isn’t something you can delegate to someone else.

Self care is an essential life skill that we all need to learn to become the best versions of ourselves.

Brad Everton Buderim psychologist and author

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