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Pasta, passion and pretence


Pasta, passion and pretence

Sami Muirhead says unless you’re Sophia Loren, there’s nothing wrong with breaking your spaghetti in two before cooking.

Are you a snapper or a purist when it comes to cooking and eating spaghetti? I snap my sticks of pasta in two before they go into the pot, because I have kids and otherwise, I would have spaghetti sauce spattered from one end of the dinner table to the other. It is just easier to when it comes to cramming the carb goodness into the saucepan. Angel hair? Yep, I break it in half. Fettuccine? Yep, split that sucker. Linguine? Lever that baby in two! Snap!

Spaghetti is a hearty and dependable dish for the soul, but is there a messier dish to eat? A video is doing the rounds on TikTok showing a shocked Italian boyfriend when her girlfriend snaps the pasta in two. The passionate Italian fellow screams to do this to pasta is actually illegal!

Many others also believe the only way to eat spaghetti is with the strands of pasta left as one long strand. Chinese culture says it is actually bad luck to snap strands of pasta in two. Think Lady and the Tramp; now that is a cute and romantic way to share a slippery strand of pasta between two star-crossed lovers.

But life is not a Disney movie, is it? No, not everybody gets a happy ending. If you lose your glass slipper at midnight, then you may want to slow down on the Moscow mules. My point is, we are not all afforded the romantic luxury of slurping a delicious bowl of pasta like a sexy Sophia Loren. Most of us are in our pyjamas eating spaghetti after a big day at work and we just need to get that pasta demolished. I find a nice glass of pinot helps a great deal. Add garlic bread and you have a party.

All this talk of carbs has me feeling a little guilty for my overindulgence of late.  What’s that horrible saying about summer bodies are made in winter time? And you cannot shine like a diamond if you are not cut like a diamond. I think I am happy to continue eating pasta and drinking wine and just be a cubic zirconia.


Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.

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