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Pictures of love and loss

Chalk on sidewalk


Pictures of love and loss

Sami Muirhead is grabbing her coloured chalk and heading to Buderim for Chalk the Walk on July 30, a heartwarming day to remember lost loved ones.

Dealing with death is horrible. Living with depression and loss and grief and the stress of life can be really overwhelming.  And we tend to not openly discuss these issues and feelings in a casual environment.

Going to a graveside is often just too hard and confronting and the Aussie way is to just bottle things up and get on with it.

But Lu and Brent Crosby, from Team Adem, have started a special day where the whole Coast is invited to come and send a message of love and hope and inspiration to any loved one you may have lost or to anyone who is doing it tough.

Chalk The Walk 2017 is on Sunday, July 30 at the Buderim Lion’s Park.

It is unique and began last year, offering the opportunity for kids and adults to write or draw a picture on the footpath to send to their loved one in heaven or hospital.

It was an incredibly beautiful and powerful few hours. “Most of us know someone in our extended family or friendship circle who has passed away, so we were not surprised by the amount of interest and participation at our inaugural Chalk The Walk event”, said Brent Crosby.

“However we were surprised about the efforts and details many people put into their drawings and messages. Many parents on the day told us this was a lovely way for their children to express their feelings through the medium of bright and colourful chalk drawings”, he added.

The Crosby family lost their son and brother to leukaemia in 2013. Since losing Adem they have fought to bring positives to hundreds of thousands of others.  The Adem Crosby Centre is now open at our new hospital, changing the lives of so many locals who now do not have to drive to Brisbane for treatment. And Team Adem recently celebrated saving 50,000 lives with their blood donation initiatives.

The anchor of another amazing family, Sonya Ackerman, lost her son James after a football tackle ended in his sad death.  “My hubby and I took James’ kids last year to the Chalk The Walk. We all took great comfort in being able to express our heartache through something so therapeutic. Who would have thought pastel coloured chalk could do that? But it did! At such a gorgeous location on such a gorgeous day, we felt so close to ‘Daddy’ in heaven as we all sat together on the concrete and talked about things that reminded us that Daddy was always here with us, things that Daddy loved, and things Daddy loved doing with his babies”, Sonya said.

“Before we knew it we were drawing rainbows, fish and the sun all in bright happy colours. Being surrounded by so many other families also hurting from the loss of a loved one showed us that we are not alone.”

So, hopefully I will see you there. Trust me, there will be thousands of angels converging in the skies above Buderim on the last Sunday of this month looking down at us, the lucky ones who get to live each day.


Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.

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