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Plenty of excuses


Plenty of excuses

Go easy on yourself, and others, advises Sami Muirhead, who is enjoying her relaxation time during lockdown.

This isolation things is up and down, isn’t it? One minute I’m hugging my kids just loving the time together to really connect, and the next I’m hiding in my car to get five minutes of quiet time.

But there are a few things I think should be banned. One of those is #noexcuses. Old ’Rona and this lockdown has given rise to a hashtag that is usually posted by physically perfect specimens wearing a form of Lycra in which you can see two separate legs. In my exercise tights, my legs kind of melt into one big leg, as I am not sure when one thigh starts and one thigh stops. As a person who has spent the last month coming up with myriad excuses for not doing too much exercise, this #noexcuses bugs me.

It is a time to be kind to ourselves and I know we need to stay mentally healthy. Therefore I have forced myself to walk the dogs and kids daily, but really I am most happy chowing down on blue cheese and biscuits while watching Gordon Ramsay shout at everyone for serving portions of pork that are too generous on the new series of MasterChef.

That is a crime Gordon Ramsay. There is no such thing in these times of anxiety as too big a serving of food. I am writing off our big servings of food in our house as comfort food and being proactive as we are surely building immunity and preparing for winter.

The #noexcuses hashtag is also getting a good run with overly enthusiastic people who are flaunting their DIY house projects during the lockdown. One friend showed her home after they had repainted it over the Easter long weekend. They also put in new floorboards, built a fire pit, extended the pool deck and made a new carport. Boo!

I have been pretty much lying around in my undies, listening to Amy Shark on repeat and allowing my kids to have hot chips for lunch for the fourth day in a
row. I am justifying my laziness as mental health days. Kmart has launched an expanded line of what it calls ‘lounge sets’. These are basically non-bogan-looking tracksuits that you can hang out smugly in, looking like the Sunshine Coast version of the Kardashian family. Genius really.

In other news, I have had a bit of extra time to ‘research’ while the kids eat their chips. Did you know Cameron Diaz had a baby a few months back? The 47-year-old had a girl (named Raddix) with her hubby Benji Madden.

Cam says she has retired from acting, which makes me sad because I spent my twenties and thirties laughing at all of her awesome movies. My dream day would be lolling around in a lounge set eating fried rice and watching There’s Something About Mary. #noexcuses.


Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.

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