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Posh + Becks is the spice of life


Posh + Becks is the spice of life

Sami Muirhead reckons the latest reality documentary on the Beckham glam fam is kicking goals with viewers for its heartbreak and insights.

Sometimes life brings you little fun gifts that whisk you away from reality and the savage news of the world.

I am obsessed with Beckham.

Yes, the reality documentary on Netflix is so brilliantly produced and uses news footage obtained over decades, along with voyeuristic glimpses into the glam fam’s million-dollar lifestyles.

What suckered me in to watch it originally was the length of the series.

It is only four episodes that are roughly one hour per show.

I gave myself rare permission to just stop and sit on the couch and watch.

Sometimes when TV shows are eight series long, I wonder what the point is of even starting, because I will not finish it until 2044.

But the series is enthralling from the opening scenes of David Beckham in a bee-keeping outfit, collecting honey from his beehives on his picturesque English countryside farm.

Captivated. A hundred per cent in.

Victoria makes a razor-wit joke about calling the honey ‘DB’s sticky stuff’ and I knew I was going to love this ride.

It is a trip down memory lane with all the good, the bad and the ugly of the Nineties fashion, complete with Becks wearing a sarong and Posh at the height of the Spice Girls fame.

It is an insight into the relationship David has with his father, who was gruelling with soccer training schedules when DB was a kid. Is it a case of nature or nurture to make someone a world champion?

And I could not get enough of the heartbreak of David behind the scenes, with the entire world seemingly hating him for that red card in the World Cup.

Despite spending 30 years in the public eye, the couple still have secrets to share with us, including the fact Becks is a clean freak.

When the kids and Victoria go to sleep at night, he gives the kitchen a once over and even cuts the wicks of the candles to ensure they are even. And here we thought his looks were one of his greatest assets.

The show ends with Posh and Becks dancing at home to Islands In The Stream. Who knew in a time when the world is not making sense, Posh and Becks are a little elixir for the soul.


Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.

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