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Reflecting on the Sunshine Coast’s community



Reflecting on the Sunshine Coast’s community

Rebecca Grisman says the 50th anniversary of the naming of the Sunshine Coast is a great opportunity to savour our great region.

From August 1, the 50th anniversary of the naming of the Sunshine Coast begins and there is an impressive range of events planned across our region for all ages and interests. The full program on the council’s website features everything from poetry trails to sailors’ tales.

I’m especially keen to see the Festival of Sand sculptural event at Mooloolaba Beach and the exhibition at Landsborough Shire Museum of stories and events that have hit the headlines over the past five decades.

I am sure that the Sunshine Coast Open House event will also offer some interesting insights into how architectural trends have shaped our local lifestyle when various buildings throughout the Coast are opened to the public. There are stories behind the doors and within the walls of buildings that many of us only know from the street.

I’ve gathered many memories and visceral feelings for places across the Coast that evoke memories of milestones, and no doubt many local people or visitors feel the same way when we look back at how our Coast has transformed over time. Fifty years can fly by, it seems.

It’s already 23 years since I first surveyed the empty cane field of the planned university campus and now just standing in the forecourt of the iconic library makes me tearily proud.

Every time I enter Mary Cairncross Reserve I’m struck with awe at its natural beauty and wonder at the foresight and resilience of the first settlers on its land.

When I walk the pathways from Kings Beach and up the rise to the headland I read the names of the numerous plaques dedicated to the men and women who served in Australia’s military forces. I pause at the Centaur Park memorial, set up by Rotary almost 50 years ago in remembrance of the Australian Hospital Ship Centaur which sunk during World War II.

In the council’s foyers I often stop to look at the framed faces of all our past mayors and wonder what they thought and hoped their legacy would be.

There are many spaces throughout our region that reflect and represent the aims, vision and efforts of generations of Sunshine Coasters. It is exciting to see so many towns, groups and businesses getting involved and ready to shine for the naming anniversary.

It is a wonderful time to celebrate where we live, all we have and the community unity that we enjoy – and it’s a reminder to look forward to our future. I hope to see you by the sandcastles, under the trees, at the concerts, in the streets and around the traps.


Rebecca Grisman is a communications specialist who has lived on the Sunshine Coast for more than 20 years.

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