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Say ‘cheese’ to a toasty winter


Say ‘cheese’ to a toasty winter

Sami Muirhead is reliving a childhood filled with memorable foodie treats that brought comfort to the colder months on the Sunshine Coast.

Sizzler’s cheesy toast is back, baby! Yes, the square slabs of sinful deliciousness are being made in a Brisbane restaurant at South Bank.

And the best news is the fact that the cheesy toast hails from the same Maroochydore Sizzler machine that produced the original carb-y treat.

Brisbane eatery Fritzenberger has announced it has procured the machine that was originally used to make the cheesy toast on the Sunshine Coast. This is good news, indeed. Just what we needed to get us through our winter as we turn to more carbs than ever before summer temperatures return in a month or so.

True winters on the Coast are so short, we must lean into the appropriate food groups with vigour while it is still frosty. Cheesy toast is the No.1 food group to keep the chills at bay. Summer bodies may be made in winter, but I prefer to make a winter body in winter.

We all have memories as kids of eating so much at the Sizzler buffet that we were actually physically sick. Well, I do. It was my 10th birthday and I thought I was so smug eating three pieces of cheesy toast before going to the ice cream machine five times. I was not so smug when I had to leave because I had made myself ill.

But what was better as a kid than cheesy toast? Perhaps Jelly Tip ice creams or Sunnyboy tetra-pak ice blocks or Fad lollies. Maybe Sara Lee frozen chocolate cake or Polly Waffle chocolate bars.

A friend has sent me a home dupe recipe for cheesy toast. It is as simple as mixing equal parts parmesan cheese and butter in a bowl to make a paste. Then you rub that golden mixture all over a nice slab of white bread and heat it up. Voila! You have the poor person’s version of Sizzler cheesy toast.

But nothing will replace the real thing. So, who is up for a quick road trip down the Bruce Highway to secure some slabs at this South Bank joint? I know there is a drive-through doner kebab eatery just off the highway heading south. That can be a treat on the way, and we can stop off for nuggets on the way home or have soft serve ice creams and meatballs from Ikea if you can squeeze it in.

Now that is a decent road trip to remember for all times.


Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.

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