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Shame about the show


Shame about the show

Ashley Robinson laments the possibility that the Sunshine Coast’s annual agricultural show may not be going ahead this year.

I read with sadness that the Nambour show may not go ahead this year because of COVID restrictions (all parties have to be vaccinated to either volunteer, perform, offer services or attend), which is a massive drain on all areas.

Last year 29,000 people attended, which was a huge effort considering the year before it was cancelled.

If it doesn’t go ahead I am sad on a few fronts, firstly my wonderful memories as a little fat kid going to the show. While Dad was entering his pineapples in the fruit pavilion and occasionally winning a prize, I was always determined to eat my way through sideshow alley and I reckon I would have been age champion many years running if there was a weight-for-age dagwood dog-eating competition.

From a very young age I can remember plenty of friends of Mum and Dad that worked tirelessly as volunteers to make it a biggest and best show, a celebration of our rural background. While that has changed, the dedication of the volunteers these days hasn’t. Rather than the horses and riders jumping hurdles in the central arena it’s now the volunteers jumping them to try and keep things going.

On a really personal note I am also forever attached to the Nambour show, not just the dagwood dogs, soft drinks, fairy floss, toffee apples (another title I would have won) and the rides on sideshow alley. It was also referenced in the last words my father ever said. On June 16, 1984 he was driving Mum to bingo at Yandina in the pouring rain and as he passed the showgrounds he said to Mum, “I feel sorry for those poor buggers in sideshow alley trying to make a living in this weather.” He had a massive heart attack at the end of that sentence and passed away.

If you can go to Bunnings and have a coffee to take away from inside the building without being vaxed, if you’re crammed in any supermarket or retail shop in the state without being vaxed and you can go to markets on the same site without being vaxed, surely you can have a rural show? And if I as an individual decide I don’t want to risk it because others won’t be vaxed, guess what, I won’t go. Just let me decide. Am I missing something?


Ashley Robinson is the manager of Alex Surf Club and the chairman of the Sunshine Coast Falcons.

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