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Summer’s all fun and games


Summer’s all fun and games

Sami Muirhead relishes the chance for her family to immerse themselves in a new version of Monopoly, featuring the landmarks of Noosa .

You know you have made it to the big time when they make a Monopoly board in your honour.

The latest board game offering is Noosa Monopoly, and it features our own backyard and all its landmarks just in time for us to spend hours of Summer playing against our family members.

My sister was ruthless when we played Monopoly as kids. Is it a coincidence she is still sensible with money all these decades later while I seem to be forever relying on that cash injection to get me out of tight spots?

I love this new iconic board game focusing on Noosa, but the makers have made one mistake.

The silver tokens are the traditional playing pieces. So, you move around the board with the tiny thimble, dog, wheelbarrow, a boat and a boot.

It begs the question what would be the perfect silver pieces to truly represent our unique region? A surfer on a longboard or maybe a pandanus tree.

How about some tokens on the fun side?

Budgie Smugglers or some white linen pants, maybe a red token that represents a Sunburned Victorian or perhaps little statue of the man who sells slushies on Hastings Street beach.

Monopoly was launched in 1935 and has been tearing families apart ever since.

I love the classic Monopoly with all the famous landmarks of London and all those streets we know thanks to playing the game as a kid including Bond Street, Park Lane and Mayfair.

There are now more than 300 versions of the game including Friends, Pokemon, Game of Thrones and even the Brisbane Broncos.

A list just came out with the most popular board games in Australia. Uno, Trouble, and Hungry Hungry Hippos made the top ten. This makes me happy.

Childhood classics like Jenga, Operation and Connect 4 are also on the list.

Some things just never change, do they?

This silly season, my family will be putting the screens away for at least a few hours and sitting around the table playing Monopoly.

Just don’t tell my sister.

Okay, she’s not invited!


Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.

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