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Taking comfort

Let’s face it, in winter, food should make us feel good, writes Sami Muirhead. So what’s on the menu?

Can we talk comfort food, friends? My buddy Blythe is juggling work, a baby and a four-year-old. Her smart husband asked if there was anything he could pick up for her while he was at the shop. “A Milk Arrowroot but with more pizazz please,” she said.

The pressure! What would you come home with? It’s an intimidating brief. I think I would have grabbed a packet of Monte Carlos and some of those little pillow-shaped spicy fruit biscuits.

Who does not love a biscuit with their tea or coffee in winter? It is that time of year when we are turning to a little comfort food more than ever.

Comfort food is all in the stomach of the beholder. My sister was sick a few weeks back and asked me to grab her two tins of spaghetti and drop them to her front door. I refused this ridiculous request and promptly bought pizza, pasta, chocolate and soup and left the stash outside her house. In my opinion, tinned spaghetti is for camping, people. But my sister goes mad for the stuff when she is crook.

I asked my friends what their comfort food is in winter and many said chicken and corn soup. If it is homemade this is as magical and soothing as a field of rainbow unicorns. Soraya summed it up best with this: “Chicken soup, made from a broth of boiled bones and vegetables then filled with herbs, shredded breast, and a grated apple. It is the ultimate winter staple.”

Amanda finds solace in risotto. Maria cannot resist hot chips and tomato sauce. Tricia is an advocate of lamb shanks and a good red around the fire pit. Caroline’s cheese toastie is a bit gourmet and must have pickles and chilli with Mersey Valley cheese. Denise’s ultimate comfort food is anything in the slow cooker and a chai latte. My big brother loves a beef stroganoff. Maree says red wine and chocolate fill the needy void.

Tammy had some wise words as she gave two thumbs up to any form of apple desserts including apple crumble, apple pie, apple sponge and apple strudel, all served with custard. So, feast away, friends and stay well nurtured this winter.

And if you are wondering what biscuit that clever husband bought for Blythe, who was waiting at home for something along the lines of a Milk Arrowroot but with a little more pizazz. He bought a packet of Venetian biscuits. Yes, the round ones with vanilla icing and raisins in them. Well played.


Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.

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