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Teeing up a shot at the easy life


Teeing up a shot at the easy life

Ashley Robinson knows that some weekends, it’s easier to cash in the chips and go home when a ‘simple’ errand ends up in the rough.

My nearly 10-year-old grandson recently decided he wanted to play golf. And while he writes right handed and kicks a footy with the right foot, he has decided he will be a left-handed golfer.

A red-headed, ambidextrous kid should be pretty tough by the time he gets through puberty. Anyway, it became my job to find him a few clubs (I was assigned the job via Old Mate).

“Shouldn’t be too hard. Go to the dump shop,” I was told. So, last Saturday, I also had the pleasure of taking him to the Sharks footy presentation as his Mum and Dad were busy celebrating a birthday on a brewery tour – which sounded like a whole lot more fun than footy. Funny that a couple of years ago, I got to take him to his soccer preso for the same reason. Seems their timing is excellent.

After presentations, we went to Caloundra dump shop. A thousand old clubs – none of them left handed. Same at Maroochydore dump shop and Headland Pro Shop. Saturday was taken care of, and then I get told by Old Mate she has found some on Facebook Marketplace at Maleny.

So, my Sunday morning was planned for me. She hands me $20, tells me it’s for three clubs for an unbelievable price, and here is the address. I get there and eventually find a nice lady out the back of a house that resembled an episode of TV’s Steptoe and Son. She brings the clubs out and, I must say, they are mint. I hand her the $20. She says, ‘No, they are 20 each or three for 50’ which, I might add, were well worth it. Guess what? I had no more cash.

To make things worse, I only had a credit card, not a debit card. I ring Old Mate and tell her my problem. ‘What are you going to do?’ she says. Anyway, she tells me to go to Woolies and buy something to get cash out, which I have never done as I have never been allowed because of bank charges and the fact I live with a miser.

Of course, I buy two packets of barbecue chips and go ‘yes’ to cash out. Declined. I try again, as the line builds up behind me. Declined. A couple more calls. No cash. No chips and I get accused of forgetting my pin.

Eventually, I get the cash and the clubs. What a debacle. I hope the grandson can play golf better than I can manage my life and the boss of me.


Ashley Robinson is the manager of Alex Surf Club and the chairman of the Sunshine Coast Falcons.

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