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The great divide is widening


The great divide is widening

Ashley Robinson is worried that the ‘haves’ are drawing a line in the sand with the ‘have nots’ and that our priorities in life are sadly askew.

What an opinionated and pretentious world we live in, and I am at odds about which of these two annoying traits is the worst.

I just recently read a story about a wedding in the US where the bride had asked all the female guests to wear earthy colours. One guest wore white, which upset the bride’s bestie, and she posted her outrage on social media and got millions of views and comments – all just as upset. To make it worse, apparently the guest looked stunning, which was way against the plan.

All these people were totally outraged by the colour of a dress. Really, are they serious? Is this the worst thing that is going to happen in their lives? It could be worse: they could be in the Ukraine. Bloody hell.

It reminded me of something that happened recently. I was walking near a popular, slightly pretentious eatery. I had my dog with me and I had a hood on as it was quite cold.

Just before I got to the corner of the eatery building, I had walked past about three different lots of people who were clearly living in their vehicles – one person, in fact, was cooking baked beans on a camp oven. As I passed them and said, ‘Good evening’, I was lamenting to myself how sad it was and how ironic that right next door were people paying overs for an evening out. That may have impacted my mood.

As I walked past the eatery, I saw a couple who I knew, and I said, ‘Hello’. They ignored me until I pulled the hoodie back and then I got a hello response. I asked them if they thought I was an old drunk or a homeless person. They basically made a joke out of it but said they did and asked if I was going to order a bottle of metho from the trendy shop.

They thought they were hilarious. It sort of rubbed me the wrong way as, even though they are probably quite well off and up the social scale, what difference does it make? Everyone deserves respect until they prove otherwise.

As I wandered back past the homeless people, I realised that the pretentious certainly win the race around here and I wished we could all be far more opinionated on how to fix this terrible shortage of housing we have. That’s what we should be outraged about.


Ashley Robinson is the manager of Alex Surf Club and the chairman of the Sunshine Coast Falcons.

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