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The pride of a nation


The pride of a nation

The Tokyo Games could not have come at a better time for Sami Muirhead, whose family has some new heroes in the Australian Olympians.

How great were the Games in Tokyo? They came at such a perfect time with lockdown.  They delivered more than just sporting awe and glory as they served up happiness and hope in a time we all need a reminder how great the human body and spirit can be when pushed to the limits.

We have new household names in our home. Our Aussie swimmers are now spoken about as revered superheroes as we eat our mashed potato at the dinner table. I could not be happier with this as these young Aussies have shown what hard work and resilience can create, as opposed to the dimwits who are famous on YouTube for doing nothing other than forgetting to wear pants.

Our female swimmers are just stellar. What amazing role models including Ariarne Titmus, Emma McKeon, Cate Campbell, and Kaylee McKeown, who won us over with her ‘F bomb’ poolside that was quickly replaced with the ‘SH bomb’.  My kids thought this was hilarious.

I must admit it was a special moment that made me instantly think this young lady was just being herself in such a euphoric time. Her swag of gold medals at the end of the games seemed even more special. Then we heard of her terrible sadness in the past year after her dad died from brain cancer.

That was not even one year ago. This 20-year-old deserves every gold medal and every scrap of happiness that comes her way. Her mum, Sharon, is so easygoing and has a warm personality that exudes happiness. Apple. Tree. Not far.

Sharon said to me, “Kaylee is so adored by so many, which is amazing and so overwhelming. I think the accidental blooper on TV saw the raw side of Kaylee and showed she is just a normal kid and a typical Aussie.

“To ask Emily Seebohm to present her with her gold medal and to also ask her up on to the dais so the two of them could sing the national anthem together just goes to show she is a very humble and genuine young lady.  Who wouldn’t want to aspire to be like Kaylee? My husband and I (bless his soul) have raised two wonderful daughters and I am extremely proud of both of them.”

So you should be.


Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.

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