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There’s the door, boys


There’s the door, boys

Ashley Robinson is beginning to ‘see daylight’ about the southern invasion of Queensland that has been good and bad for our quality of life.

I had a light-bulb moment the other day when I was somehow roped into a SMS group chat with a whole bunch of blokes, most of whom are originally from across the border.

They all took much delight in the fact that Queensland teams had no luck in the NRL, NRL State Championship, NRLW and AFL grand finals. As a state, we had four chances and came up with a donut – which really tickled the fancy of the peanuts in the group chat.

I started getting the impression that they really don’t like us up here and it did make me wonder why they are living here: climate, I suppose, not camaraderie with the locals. It got me wondering what the southern invasion has done for our great state of Queensland – not financially, but culturally.

I suppose if we didn’t have them here, there would be no AFL or NRL and that would be quite sad. Probably even more importantly, we would still be drinking beers out of 5/7/10 ounce glasses, rather than the schooner glasses demanded by the interlopers only a few decades ago. I remember working in Maroochy Pub, now the Duporth Tavern, and there would be a demand for schooners. You immediately knew those patrons were from the south – that, the tattoos and the demand for VB or Tooheys when, back in the day up here, you had a choice of XXXX or Carlton Draught.

So, they have given us something, I suppose. Roundabouts is another contribution and, particularly when you go to Noosa, there is a fine example of what the great southern influx has done for us. But we still aren’t sure how to handle them yet.

The biggest contribution they have made is attitude: they are totally convinced they are smarter than us and want to change what we do, but they still want to live here. Confusing, hey.

And they still live up here with no daylight saving. How do they put up with it? We all know the cows will be confused and the curtains will fade if we have daylight saving. I don’t get how they can’t
understand that.

Anyway, as for my little group of sledgers, happy for you to head back down south, boys. Both states’ IQ numbers will go up, as I reckon we have taught you a few things while you have been here.


Ashley Robinson is the manager of Alex Surf Club and the chairman of the Sunshine Coast Falcons.

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