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Time for some good news


Time for some good news

Sami Muirhead is bidding a sad farewell to the holidays by listing her top five happy news stories of the year so far.

Holidays have seen our family staying up late, sleeping in to whenever-o’clock, me not wearing a bra and staying away from a computer screen most days.

There have been some sour incidents, including me breaking my nose playing Marco Polo with my son in the pool and some heartache when the Christmas pudding and ham supplies finally ran out, which meant I had to start cooking proper meals again this week.

But we have managed to visit the library, catch up with some friends and even take some afternoon naps. It has been bliss to slow down and take stock of what I need more of in my life, how to feel more in tune with my kids and less stressed.

Of course, school and work lie in wait around the corner. Which means I will need to relocate my bras and go back to checking the internet daily for my job as a presenter on radio. In fact, when I am on air, I check news sites every 10 minutes to ensure I am not missing any fresh news.

I still miss breaking stories, because sometimes I am busy internet shopping (if my boss reads this I will deny). But my point is, I really do spend a lot of time checking the web for wowsers. The news is  depressing. So in a salute to the last rays of the golden times of holidays, I have gathered a list of the top good news stories of the year so far.

  1. The tampon tax has finally been rejected. It is about time. It has been an 18-year campaign to scrap the 10 per cent tax on tampons and pads and they will now be exempt from GST.
  2. The population of wild tigers in Nepal was found to have nearly doubled in the past nine years, largely thanks to the efforts by conservationists and increased funding for protected areas. I for one want my children to know tigers are still alive in the wild during their lifetimes.
  3. Entire blocks of Cadbury pineapple chocolate are available for a limited time at IGAs across the Coast. Run. Do not walk. We all know pineapple is the best flavour in the Snack series.
  4. A royal baby is coming. The Royals are the original Kardashians and so much classier. Meghan and Harry will welcome their baby in just a few months. I love everything about this royal love story, mainly because Meghan is divorced, mixed race, her parents are seemingly as crazy as the rest of us, and probably the most offensive thing to the Queen: Meghan is an American actress! It breaks all the rules and I never tire of seeing Harry look so incredibly happy.
  5. Games Of Thrones finally returns in just two months to our screens for the final season to wrap it all up forever as someone claims the iron throne. If there is a steamy love scene with Jon Snow and the Dragon Queen, this could indeed win best news story of 2019.




Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.

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