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Violet crumble vs crunchie

Sami Muirhead sparked a furore across the Coast when she dared suggest the rival honeycomb chocolate bars are equally delicious.


Violet crumble vs crunchie

Sami Muirhead sparked a furore across the Coast when she dared suggest the rival honeycomb chocolate bars are equally delicious.

What has been the best part of my week? Realising we Coasties are a little bit bonkers when it comes to the debate over which is better: the Violet Crumble or the Crunchie chocolate bar.

I naively thought they kind of tasted the same and were both delicious golden honeycomb goodness.

How wrong was I and how stupid was I to vocalise my thoughts? I have never received so much hate mail in my life after I said on radio the two products taste pretty much the same. And let me tell you, Violet Crumble fans are way more kooky and hardcore than Crunchie fans!

One friend who is a VC stalwart accused me of likening Passion Pop to Veuve champagne. Another friend labelled me: “A total idiot who has clearly burnt off all her tastebuds in recent years by drinking too much cheap wine.”

The Violet Crumble was returned to Australian ownership last year and is being sold in a bag format (big squares inside the bag) after nine years in the wilderness. Most supermarkets on the Coast have sold out of the reintroduced bag format, with VC fans stocking up. It truly must be the way it shatters that matters.

Violet Crumble lovers have rejoiced nationwide and I am starting to think the honeycomb is laced with something more addictive than sugar, the way it sparks loyalty and fever with connoisseurs of the crumble, who claim the honeycomb is thicker if you look at a cross section of the surface. Yes, my life has been reduced to comparing cross sections of honeycomb bars!

Both sides of the debate seemed to agree the Crunchie has thicker chocolate and more holes in the actual honeycomb. While you are digesting those amazing facts, let me share with you the other big food bombshell rocking my first world. Cob loaf.

A christening or Christmas was not a proper celebration for many decades growing up and all the way into my twenties without a good dip nestled warmly inside a cob loaf. We could not get enough of that French onion soup and spinach combination drizzled over thick white bread.

Cob loaves have been a regular on Aussies party menus for over 100 years, but social media is erupting with fancy cob recipes, including butter chicken cob loaf and even hot chocolate mousse cob loaf.

But the one that has me dreaming of carb loading on the couch tonight is the cover of the current Taste magazine. There she sits with all her curves and bumps in resplendent glory, filled with slow-cooked sticky maple pork with pork crackling dippers and a bacon waffle. If that does not make your clan go crazy, then you need to take a good hard long look at yourself and your family values. We just need the timeless jelly tip iceblock to return and my life is pretty much complete.


Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.

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