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The latest political crisis has Sami Muirhead pondering the virtues of a decent blazer.

How disgraceful is our political landscape where our so-called leaders seem to have zero levels of loyalty and seem to be generally concerned with keeping their shiny white cars.

However, the stand-out politician for me during the past fortnight has been Julie Bishop. And while it’s a shame she won’t be hosting fancy foreign receptions anymore I am glad she’s sticking around to dilute the testosterone levels and provide some kind of calming influence. The career woman has always impressed me with her wisdom, wit and willingness to toe the party line.

But if I’m being completely honest I have always been most smitten by her wardrobe. The lady can dress! Her trademark jackets are the bomb. And I have started a love affair recently with the blazer.

The tailored jacket and I were lovers many decades ago when I got my first job as a TV journalist. I went straight to Cue with my first pay cheque and invested in a power red suit. I was 20 trying to look 40, but the bosses told us straight: buy plain colour blazers as they make people focus on what you are saying rather than being distracted by crazy patterns or jewellery or cleavage.

I spent the next 10 years adhering to the rules and I wish I had followed them in my personal life as well as I look back now and realise taffeta tops with huge bows on them and boobtubes after a few hours at the pub are dangerous fashion faux pass. Thank goodness social media wasn’t big back then or my boobtube wardrobe malfunctions may have gained unwanted attention. It’s hard to hold a wine, your boobtube up and keep up your dignity. Girls understand.

I began working in radio 15 years ago and tossed away my blazers in exchange for jeans and T-shirts. But I’m enamoured of them once again. They make me feel like a boss and they hide flabby arms and tummies. The blazer is my friend at a buffet table. The blazer has your back in photos.

If I could tell my daughter in a letter what important wisdom I have learnt in my life it would not be about being a good and true person or working hard or living life to the full. Nope. It would be: “Wear a blazer, my love”. The blazer is rock solid.

To channel Rick Astley, it will never give you up, never let you down, it will never run around and desert you. I mean, where would the T-Birds and Pink Ladies be without their blazers? Can you imagine if Coco Chanel did not make her fortune by inventing her iconic black and white jacket?

And don’t get me started on how good Kate Middleton looks with her trademark navy blazer and jeans. I mean, she looks better in a tiara, but who wouldn’t?

So girls let’s all cheer for the blazer and all its glory. And when those political puppets come on our screen focus less on the nonsense they are speaking and more on the sublime stalwart in business and fashion who is Julie Bishop.

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Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.

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