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What really matters


What really matters

Ashley Robinson is tasked with getting a bridal party to the altar on time and learns some valuable life lessons along the way.

Sometimes I surprise myself about what I don’t know I know, if that makes any sense. Last week, my very good friend Brigette Seymour got married to her soulmate Tom Lollback. I have known Brigette since I’ve worked at Alex Surf Club and she was a feisty just-turned 18-year-old.

I was given some strong advice not to employ her, but I like to find out these things for myself. She did a great job and we had a bit of fun along the way. She moved on into the QAS, but I still see her at the club as a competitor and volunteer.

Strong-minded would be an understatement but I overcame that – well, until the wedding that is. My jobs were to pick her and the bridesmaids up in our
club bus and drive them from their accommodation to Sunshine Beach Surf Club, be there by 3.30pm and after the  ceremony, drive them to an unknown location for photos, back again then MC the wedding reception, starting with introducing the bridal party to the guests with a dancing entrance.

So job one – be on time – was fine until I got to the roundabout at Coolum at 3pm and there was a thousand cars coming from Yandina. As I went around the roundabout, I got cut off and ended up heading to Yandina. It took me a kilometre or so to get a break in the line to turn around. I managed to make it, just a few minutes late. I picked up the crew and headed to Sunshine Surfy, with some new instructions from the photographer (boss number two) that went like this: “So you’re the bus driver, you need to be ready as soon as the ceremony is over, no kissing because we don’t have much light, got it?”

The wedding was beautiful, then we darted off. I think the rest of the evening went exactly as the wedding couple hoped it would – family friends good food, great music from Brendon Hogan and awesome service from Sunshine Beach Surf Club.

Now, here is the bit I didn’t know I knew. It is only when you see a young couple commit to a life together in front of their family and friends do you realise how some people make an impact on your life. Brigette has done that for me and the other day reminded me of it. Family, friends and health are all you need. Brig and Tom thank you for reminding me.


Ashley Robinson is the manager of Alex Surf Club and the chairman of the Sunshine Coast Falcons.

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