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When life isn’t buckets of fun


When life isn’t buckets of fun

Sami Muirhead is compiling a list of all the things she ‘like, never, ever, ever’ wants to do again in her lifetime.

Bucket lists are things you want to do at least once in your life, such as seeing the cherry blossoms in Japan and watching the sunset over Uluru.

Most of us have bucket-list dreams but I have a new list that has developed, as I also turned half a century in age. I am embracing my anti-bucket list. Yes, this is now a trend and items on your anti-bucket list are things you never want to do again. To quote Taylor Swift: “Like, never, ever, ever.”

We recently moved house and it was one of the most-traumatic things I have ever done because I like to collect stuff. Our family had collected way-too-many things in the 13 years we were in our former home. I would rather undergo a root canal without anaesthetic than move house again. Next time, we would need an army of professional movers and shares in a bottle shop to make me even consider moving house. It is top of my anti-bucket list.

Also on the list is bungee jumping. My body does not bounce how it used to and hanging upside down by my feet while my bits and bobs are flung around is not my idea of adrenalin-producing fun. And my pants have elastic in the waistband these days and this could all end very badly.

Anti-bucket list item No.3 is parachuting/hot air ballooning/paragliding. I have done all the above in a bid to be young and crazy. Once, a boyfriend even proposed in a hot air balloon high above the white-cotton cliffs of Pamukkale in the valleys of Cappadocia in Turkey. It was romantic except for the fact there was no way I wanted to get married. The thought of being trapped so high in the sky makes my palms sweat.

Anti-bucket list item No.4 is to never eat anything I do not want to eat again when it comes to strange animal parts. That includes intestines, ears, noses, trotters, testicles or brains. Hard pass. End of story.

And finally on my anti-bucket list is to hold a snake. As a journalist, there is a rite of passage to do a piece to camera with a python around your neck. Not this little black duck. Snakes are freaky. I do not trust something without legs. They can twist and turn and twitch far too quickly. Perhaps the only things worse would be to discover a snake when you move house.


Sami Muirhead is a radio announcer, blogger and commentator. For more from Sami tune into Mix FM.

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