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When you wish apon a star


When you wish apon a star

Ashley Robinson knows the true joy of making Christmas fun for children and doing something nice for others this time of year.

As we charge into the festive season with just over a week to go before the big guy in the red suit lobs, personally it is quite thought provoking of what it all means.

I was walking George the dog the other night and just as we went past a house that had all things lit up for Christmas, I saw a shooting star. It was a whopper and fell right in front of us. So, my first thoughts were: what do I wish for?

What it actually made me do was think about how my dad Len managed to provide for us – particularly me, as I was a demanding, fat little kid.

I remember at one school break-up, someone asked my dad how come we never got that new tractor he had been talking about. He simply replied: “We ate it.” He could have said we had no money and had to live, but he just left it to the imagination of those around us.

In saying that, I can’t remember going without anything. I am sure my parents did, but I was oblivious to it. But I do think Old Mate and I learnt from both sets of parents that same lesson: make sure the kids enjoy Christmas.

My most vivid memory of a Santa gift was when Dragster bikes came out. I just had to have one. I reckon I carried on about it for months leading up to Santa coming. It must have driven my parents mad – my misguided strategy.

So, on the big day, it arrived: a bright purple bike with a basket on the front and streamers on the handlebars. One short, fat and happy kid. Sure, we never had a washing machine or a hot water system, but I had a purple bike. It didn’t particularly like dirt roads but hey, I was happy. A bit like when we became parents and couldn’t afford a concrete driveway for years but the kids mostly got what they wanted. That is parenting sometimes: we need to prioritise the fun stuff.

So, as I watched the falling star disappear in front of me, I didn’t wish for a million dollars, a new car, a world trip or the like. I wished for health, happiness and a fulfilling life for family and friends, which I reckon is all we really need and way better than even a Dragster bike.

Have a great Christmas and do something nice for someone who needs it, because the gift is definitely in the giving.


Ashley Robinson is the manager of Alex Surf Club and the chairman of the Sunshine Coast Falcons.

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